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This is a semi-chronological list of all forum topics exported from the old phpbb forums (2000-2013).

Version 1.1
Version 1.2 coming soon
Version 1.2
Work continues
Version 1.3
Version 1.4 BETA
Version 1.4
I’m back!
Version 1.5 BETA
Version 1.5
Version 1.5.1
Version 1.6
New rendering engine
Testing slopes
Version 1.666 BETA 1
Version 1.666 BETA 2
Version 1.666
Version 1.7 BETA 1
3D floors working
Version 1.7 BETA 2
Version 1.7 BETA 3
Version 1.7 BETA 4
Version 1.7 BETA 5
Version 1.7
Happy birthday and version 1.8
Downloads fixed
Version 1.9
Version 1.10
Version 1.11
Version 1.11.1
[Implemented] Skybox enhancement ideas
[Not a bug] Vis bug
Doom plays… a little different
Static lights in levels ROCKS
[Fixed] Can’t change class in Hexen
transparent walls
[Implemented] Larger floor/ceiling textures?
[Closed] Linux and SDL
[Done] Zdoom support & some whishes
[No] …bridges
“Betas” and documentation.
some stuff
[Fixed] SSG spray
[Works for me] Crash in Hexen
[Closed} vavoom on 4MB graphics board
[No] A feature that is a tad radical….
[Fixed] Some more: Sound / Strife
Missing a cheat…
Version 1.11.2
[Fixed] COOL SSG has built in compass =Þ
[Not a bug] Compile problems in Linux
[Fixed] Multiplayer and some other issues
[Closed] A fix for the sound probs with one console command
Puttin’ gloom back in doom!
Lighting precalculator?
[Fixed] Scripted movements hiccups….
Perhaps I’m just stupid?
Doom secret levels
[Fixed] Hexen bug
[Fixed] Doom 2 Ending no go
[Fixed] Heretic End level graphics color
[Implemented] Wild goose chase…
[Fixed] Quattj’s Bug pile #2
[Implemented] Map List and Multiplayer notification
Wolfenstein 3D models
[Fixed] Multiplayer run….
the exciting (sorta) possiblity
[Not a bug] Sound Error, Please Help, can’t
[Done] A troubleshooting / FAQ forum
[Resolved] Vavoom and Zone Alarm
[Fixed] MIDI in Vavoom?
3d model question.
Just wondering…
[Closed] Sector over sector? Ladders?
Vavoom 1.12 beta 1
[Implemented] Two suggestions
Vavoom 1.12 BETA 1 report
[Fixed] SFX problem
[Closed] Under XP
Vavoom 1.12 beta 2
Preliminary Beta 2 report
[Not a bug] strat problems in Linux
[No] zipped wads?
[Works for me] Hexen custom maps
Vavoom 1.12 beta 3
[Not a bug] Crash useing Wadauthor
Vavoom Editing Tutorials
Beta 3 Report
Map compatibility between different Vavoom version
Vavoom 1.12 beta 4
Quake1 DM 4 remake for Vavoom
Beta 4 report
Version 1.12
[Closed] General Question about compiling/libs
[Not a bug] Vavoom 1.12 for windows slowdown?
Vavoom Multiplayer?
[Closed] Janis, I could use your advice here…
gl_vis question
3d-levels and slopes
and projects to 3d-ize doom-based levels?
How did you get Strife to work?
Definately “general”…
continue multiplayer games
Water tutorial
[Fixed] Lava
[Resolved] Multiplayer game overseas…
Deepsea / Vavoom
Vavoom 1.13 beta
[Won’t do] Fighters weapons
Package System
2-nd birthday
[Fixed] Hexen monsters are blind!
[Fixed] Flat animation
[Duplicate] Heretic Multiplayer Crashes Frequently
[Closed] problem
[Won’t do] 3D surround sound
[Fixed] d2demo.wad
[Resolved] Matrox G400 probs
[Resolved] Strange sound problems
[Fixed] Monster and Item Flickering
[Duplicate] Suicide in Heretic crashes
Add bot coop!
[Won’t do] Functional Scripting Language
[Won”t fix] MD2 Help Needed
[Closed] Generational Garbage Collector
[Fixed] Assembly Compiler Error
[Fixed] Autodetection doesn’t work / Tnt not available
[Duplicate] Network hangs when (2 players) teleport
I’m curious Janis…
[Resolved] Graphical Glitches
[Won’t do] Automated Level Converters (???)
[Closed] DDF Converter
[Closed] Segmentation Violations
Beta 114
Format for MD2 models.
[Implemented] TrueColor Support
[Closed] Compiling Vavoom Questions
[Closed] Strife inquiry…asto messages & talking by cha
Vavmref confusued me
[Closed] Floating Point Exceptions
Transforming an Edge Effects into VaVoom
[Implemented] MP3 Support
[Closed] Help /w Debug.txt
[Not a bug] Compileing VaVoom Scripts.
[Implemented] Reflective Water
DDF2VC (???)
[Solved] Random DOS crashing
Version 1.14
[Closed] VCC Errors ???
Yep, it’s me again!
[Implemented] Some feature suggestions
[Impossible] 3D BSP
Slopes (sample wad)
[Not a bug] Res Glitch!!!
g|Vis ???
[Fixed] GLVis err. Segs from diff. sectors (???)
[Fixed] Aspect Ratio
[Fixed] can’t take screenshots
Screenshot time
[Fixed] Broken Blockmaps
[Closed] Broken Blockmaps
Korax’s Fortress
[Works for me] 0K Light Mem (???)
What’s New in 114 ???
[Works for me] ?Floating Point Exceptions?
DDF Style Line Teleporters (?)
Let’s Get High!
[Closed] DDF Styled Sector Lighting (IDEAS)
Agent what’s your favorite dog food?
I’ve got a prob on wad author 🙁
[Nothing new] Death Kings
[Won’t do] Only Load Things in Players Sight!
[Not a bug] midi music under linux?
[Won’t do] Easier Interface for ddf2vc
[Won’t do] Meta-Object Protocols
[Won’t do] Foreign Function Interface (FFI)
[Not a bug] GLVis Error Msg
Is it just me …..
VC Question
ACS and Builtin Question (hate me yet?)
having trouble compiling a ddf-vc conversion
sprite alighnment
reflection for doom enemies
Everyone: Early Peek at my Vavoom Project
Hub-link Style Level Switching
Hmmm, the forum seems quite dead lately…
My Vavoom level finished!
[Fixed] vavoom and gcc3.2
the new guy gots a problem!
[Closed] Peculiar network lag.
[Duplicate] Cooperative multiplayer save games.
acs limitations
map almost complete!
[Implemented] ambient sounds?
two quake theme demo maps
If Janis ever happens by…
Programming in Acs
[Closed] that problem is back again!
[Not a bug] Need help with VavoomC
[Fixed] snap shot
Version 1.15 BETA 1
Another one of those development questions
[Works for me] Problem Running Vavoom
vavoom new features
version 115b1 and strife
how ya do that?
[Fixed] Vavoom & FreeBSD
Just a simple thing in vavoomc …
[Resolved] Total newbie
Newbie Question (Windowed?)
Patch Loading
no more free blocks
Model skins
md2 models
Object Destruction
[Fixed] Mandrake 9 installation trouble
dark7 mission pack2!
[Fixed] SDL and music in Linux
[Not a bug] Hexen – Linux – Crash on window smash
Documentation issues
[Not a bug] sidewinder
[Closed] trouble with getting slopes working properly
[Fixed] Screenshot crash
[Implemented] Default texture
[Implemented] Graphical Suggestions
[Not a bug] Linux install directory
Projects database
Version 1.15
[Duplicate] Mandrake 9.1 and Vavoom 1.5 beta
[Won’t do] FMOD
[Not a bug] Music playback
[Works for me] I need help
[Implemented] a few legacy effects
Hexen mode
Vertices heights?
[Not a bug] model skin problem
[Not a bug] Heretic troubles
Scripting Contusion
[Not a bug] Heretic Savegame Error
tga model skins
[Works for me] Vavoom compilation problems in Linux
custom guns
[Not a bug] Node Builder Error (I think)
[Not a bug] Heretic Level Start Bug
[Nothing new] Strafe speed… argh!
Player Respawn
[Won\’t fix] Heretic E4M1 Platform Problem
[Not a bug] Trouble with desktop
new vavoom demos
[Nothing new] Edge development in trouble!
[Not a bug] How do I play the demo wad?
[Closed] Hexen Teleport Crash
title music
[Closed] Error handling
[Resolved] Hexen: Memroy allocation
[Not a bug] Hexen: Netplay(?)
ACS tutorial
[Closed] Z_Malloc Crash: All Games
[Fixed] Vavoom on Mandrake 9.1
Moving vehicles?
[Closed] Freedoom
[Not a bug] Player keeps running forward error
Multiplayer Games
Sound formats supported
[Not a bug] md2 how to?
[Works for me] Heretic: Error When Loading Game
[Not a bug] Bosseye Problem
[Not a bug] Please, I don’t know…
[Closed] “No more free blocks” error message
[Fixed] Heretic Level Warping
Two major vavoom projects coming out
Vavoom and resources?
[Not a bug] Vavoom and resources?
[Fixed] Feet in ground
Getting Started
Strife Scripts
[Fixed] Jumping in Hexen
Vavoom on MacOS X
Changing Weapon
Version 1.15.1
Sound fixed
[Not a bug] vcc error compiling vavoom in Linux
[Fixed] Strife voices repeating
[Fixed] Also, funny blood 🙂
[Done] Animated floor (fluid) textures
glVIS is missing!
[Works for me] Plugin bug, I think
Adding custom weapons ?
[Fixed] -minzone, Hexen, and loading
Heh… I’m a God!
glVIS errors
Beginners Toolkit
vis data
[Fixed] Error loading saves!!!
Replacing sprites with MD2 models
[Works for me] Music buggy, stops after short time
New Monsters
[Won\’t fix] Model loading errors when loading savegames
[Implemented] Mousewheel
[Done] Strife inventory drop
[Fixed] doom bot errors in deathmatch
Version 1.15.2 beta
spawn this!!
[Not a bug] slow motion?
weather effects
[Fixed] overflow without allowoverflow set
Things on the 3D-floor
Version 1.15.2 beta 2
[Closed] Strife memory crash?
Strife is tough game
Why is The Sky Always Messed Up!>?
ways to end a game!
[Fixed] Problems with Skyboxes
[Closed] Hexen crashes when I Teleport
[Not a bug] Hexen crashes when I go to next Level
vavoom map finally done
[Duplicate] Doom start problems
[Works for me] Strife Strife
Version 1.15.2
[Won’t do] Strife and filtered full-screen images
[Fixed] Strife voice-over triggers?
VavoomC Questions
Heresirach Software Help Wanted!
yes progs again!
[Not a bug] Bot spawning
[Works for me] Segmentation Violation
silent steel project done!
my site for vavoom maps!
fellow marines
[Fixed] Strife Issues
[Fixed] Sound and Music Volumes
[Implemented] interpolated md2 frames
Strife: Locked in Powerstation?
Strife Patch problems
[Fixed] Can’t compile with SDL.
BUILD Engine games
[Fixed] joystick using Linux Allegro
Where’d the betas go?
Texturing 3D floors
[Closed] Things I would like to see…
[Closed] I have some issues
YES!!!! New ambient sounds workin’
[Fixed] Hexen crashing loading map10
DoomsDay Port features
[Closed] Command line info; Z_ChangeTag error
[Fixed] Mus foobs
wikipedia article
[Not a bug] Trouble with vavoom
ddf to vavoom c
[Fixed] Sprites through the floor D:
Teleporting to 3d Floors
Compiling the Source
[Closed] Windowed mode?
Vavoom progress
[Fixed] Caldera.wad crash
Strife in Doom 3 engine?
Hexen – Deathkings
Vavoom Tutorial?
[Not a bug] from bottom scartch newbie question …
[Not a bug] Vavoom hates my laptop
New forums
[Not a bug] W_GetNumForName: TEXTURE1 not found!
[Fixed] Problem with Vavoom and Doombuilder
Back to work!
New network code
Vavoom 1.15.3 released.
[Fixed] Some bugs that still remains in Strife
[Not a bug] Strife
[Fixed] Strife bugs
Teaching a QuakeC coder the VavoomC.
[Fixed]Clipping problem in 1.15.3 (not always reproducible)
Fallen progress
Searching for a MegaWad: DOOM ]I[
Vavoom Wiki
MP3 Music
Standalone Version of glVIS with V3 Node Support?
Just a quick question
How to get .deh files to work?
DoomBuilder Vavoom CFG
[Fixed] Level time is resetted when saved and loaded.
Version 1.16
[Fixed] Memory error with Hexen
[Fixed] Error with Strife
[Not a bug] Direct 3D problems with texturing
[Works for me] Voices.wad and openal sound
The site’s header
[Fixed] Strife Stuff
Vavoom Supported Games
MOD playback
[Not a bug] Missing .DLL File!
Missing .DLL file
[Fixed] Vavoom 1.16.0, Strife, “Mission Objectives”
Strife modeling
[Fixed] Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders “the stag
[Implemented] Lightning fudge
Three cheers for Janis
[Duplicate] Hexen crash when exiting the first level.
[Fixed] Hexen crashing
DDF Documentation
[Closed] Nothing new but…
Version 1.16.1
Detail Textures?
apsveikumi paadesmit peedeejos jaanjos 😉
Looping ambient sounds?
New acs features?
[Fixed] trouble walking up boxes
hi rez textures
[Fixed] Strife Issues, version 1.16.1
windowsXP and progs!!!
[Fixed] SDL Sound screwing up
z height for lights
[Fixed] Skybox textures not showing up properly
new “users”
[Implemented] Flats
[Fixed] [linux] vavoom segfaults on startup
phpBB and viruses
Vavoom, GPL and Heretic?
Download / unzip problem
[Not a bug] Installation on Ubuntu 4.10
[Fixed] OpenGL + mouselook = staring at the ceiling
new gamer here
Version 1.17
Problem installing Vavoom
[Fixed] Error in Hexen
[Duplicate] Maps unreadable
Upgrade kills savegames
[Fixed] Gameplay problems
ACS Script Compiling
FreeBSD Vavoom
New DM levels
[Fixed] Moving 3d floors problem
A key that turn you around by 180°
[Not a bug] Bug using puzzle pieces in Hexen
Problem installing
[Fixed] multiplayer problem only to those who join
[Duplicate] Error in Hexen still evident
Crash on startup for DOS 5.0 / 7.10
[Fixed] No music
This should be good news so far
[Resolved] Compile Error
[Fixed] Scroll Floor (223) does not push things
[Fixed] Polyobj DoorSlide – distance is messed up
Problem starting game
[Fixed] problem with @response files and quotes in paths
opinion on the hexen changeclass cheat
[Works for me] strife not working.
International Doomers Day
Slow Silent Steel map 6 Glitch
[Fixed] Various issues with 1.17
Version 1.18
[Fixed] Step1 – Step2 texture bug
TFnumforname not found
[Works for me] another texture error
problem starting
ACS Script Compile Problem
[Not a bug] lots of wierd bugs
public master server
[Fixed] Problem using puzzles in Hexen
Silent Steel now built with Adamantium
[Not a bug] Lockup upon seeing monsters with models in OpenG
[Not a bug] Item height and sound/music mix
Doom port comparisons
[Fixed] List of Bugs
[Fixed] Longstanding Vavoom Bug in Strife
[Fixed] [1.18] Doomguy’s Agressive Look Missing
Hi-res Patches
[Fixed] Strife life bar does nothing
[Fixed] Strife Messages Box Not Supposed To Be Empty In New
Lots of HOM, network diagnostics, sound effects
How do I make multiple images transparent?
[Implemented] For the sake of your favourite deity
[Fixed] Screwed up music
Dumb Newbie Question.
[Won’t do] Import old saved games
Splashes for 3d water and BOOM’s fake floors
Really Dumb Newbie Strife Question
Hexen automap (Vavoom v1.18)
[Closed] Player info, automap colors and console font
Some questions about building mod
[Fixed] Small text mistake
Bug found on Hexen Vavoom Demo map
[Fixed] OGG or MP3?
In-game messages
4 more questions on Vavoom C programming
Hi-res DOOM fonts
[Fixed] WadAuthor wcf mistake
Static Lights
Check out my new tutorial
TeleportView Linedef Special
Creating new monsters and their features
[Not a bug] Pawn::LookForMonsters()
unsupported texture type
Status of heretic
[Invalid] saving key settings
[Not a bug] Actor::MonsterFallingDamage()
[Implemented] Changing fonts in hintmessages
Tweaking the Launcher
Player stats number limit
[Fixed] Vavoom and OpenAL
[Fixed] [1.18] Strife wrong ammo pickup values
[Not a bug] [1.18] Strife Front Soldier missing ammo drop
[Fixed] [1.18] Strife Crusader bugs
[Fixed] [1.18] Strife Front Soldier Behavior
[Fixed] [1.19] Strife Map 12 Bugs
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife Mechanical Spider Bugs
[Not a bug] [1.19] Hexen Segmentation Fault
[Fixed] [1.18] Strife HUD
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife Grenades
[Fixed] [1.19] Message Text Bug
Someone’s taking over for me then? 😛
[Fixed] [1.18] Strife Enemy Behavior Bug
[Not a bug] [1.18] Heretic Imp Bug
[Fixed] [1.18] Heretic Model Loading Bug
New Vavoom Things
[No] 3d Polyobjects
Version 1.19
[Fixed] [1.19] TGA Skyboxes don’t work
[Fixed] [1.19] BFG – no blast area damage
[Fixed] [1.19] Strife Grenade Splash
[Fixed] [1.19] Strife: Burning Victims Don’t Hurt You
[Fixed] [1.19] Heretic Small Message Bug
[Fixed] [1.19] Strife Small Message Bug
[Fixed] [1.19] Strife Error Message When Firing Electric Arr
[Fixed] [1.19] Strife Quit Music
[Fixed] [1.19] Strife: Event Change Music
[Fixed] [1.19] Strife Intro Music Bug
[Works for me] [1.19] Screenshots Taken in OpenGL
[Fixed] [1.19] Strife Ammo Values Still Incorrect
[Fixed] [1.19] Strife Mauler Shots Bug
[Fixed] [1.20] Strife Low Life Running
Simple Question
[Implemented] some progs feature suggestions
[Not a bug] [1.19] in weapons classes
[Not a bug] [1.19] vc compiler bug
[Fixed] [1.19] Strife Map 15 Switch Not Rising High Enough
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife Objects In Water Should Be Slightly
[Fixed] [1.19] Strife Fist/Dagger Punch Bug
how to make pawns not shoot at allies
[Not a bug] Hexen Stalker bug
Vis Building Error? I’m new to this, bear with me.
[Fixed] LightningMissile does not work with 3dfloors
[Works for me] Spawned creatures weird deaths
Unholy Heritage
[Fixed] [1.19] Invulnerability Sphere colormap wrong
[Fixed] Strafing, running and walking issues
[Implemented] weapon switching
[Duplicate] Heretic texture/map bug?
Texture replacement utility
[Fixed] [1.19] Strife – glVis – CheckStack: leaf recursion i
running in linux..
Vavoom liquid features
Sky light
[Works for me] [1.19.1] Strife Map 27 Bug
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife Semi-Transparent Acolyte Bug
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Vavoom Strife Missing Control Information
[Fixed] [1.20] Strife Actor Names Do Not Appear In Convo
[Fixed] [1.20] Strife Map Item Bug
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Another Strife Ammo Bug
[1.20] Strife: Missing Red Laser Beam
About using graphics & sounds from different games
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife: Killing Key People w/Phos Grenades
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife Mauler Alternate Fire Shooting Bugs
[Fixed] [1.20] Strife: Missing Auto-Health/Armor Feature
[Fixed] [1.19] Mapinfo bug
3dfloors & sector sounds
[No] multiplayer lobby
[Fixed] [1.19] Strife: Too Much Ammo Prevents Quest Advancem
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Picking Up Duplicate Keys Bug
[Implemented] Some extra ideas generated this far
[Won’t fix] [1.19] unstable VC compiler?
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife Poison Arrow Knockback
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife Alarms Don’t Shut Up
[Works for me] [1.19.1] Strife: Governor Chat Crash
[Not a bug] [1.19.1] Strife: Map 23 Bug
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife: Map 32-34 Bugs
[Not a bug] [1.19] Killall command
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife: Should Not Be Able To Select Weapon
Use health quick command
Version 1.19.1
[Fixed] [1.19.1] More Strife Ammo Values Incorrect
[Duplicate] [1.19] got stuck in wall 🙂
Strife Default Keys
[Works for me] [1.19.1] TNT Evilution: Spirit Armor “Si
[LINUX] Configuration files in home user directory
Texture Compression
[Fixed] [1.20] Strife: Fist/Dagger Attack on Walls
[Fixed] [1.20] Doom Fist Attack on Walls
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife: Poison Arrows Bug
Toggling Auto Run On/Off Should Display Message
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife: Map 12 Hologram Object Bug
[Fixed] [1.20] Strife: Forcefield Bugs
[Not a bug] [1.19.1] Strife: Certain Sprites Still Sunk
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife Inquisitor Bugs
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife Bishop bugs
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife Enviornmental Suit Bug
[Implemented] Occlusion Culling
[Fixed] [1.20] Strife: More Map 12 Bugs
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife: Just Macil Bugs
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife Specter Bug
[Fixed] [1.20] Strife: Slight Map 10 bug
Compet-N demos
How to use the wad based artwork only ?
Help to convert dehacked to progs
Doom Wikipedia – Strife section updated
Lightmapping and performance
[Not a bug] 1.18 mods +r_models 0 not affecting weapon imag
[Fixed] [1.20] Strife Different Sigil Bugs
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife Picking Up Weapon Bug
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife Map 03 Bug
[Duplicate] Save games never work after upgrade.
OpenGL/Direct3D performance difference
Possibly a bug?
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Doom Chainsaw/Fists Bug
[Fixed] 1.19.1 Custom wads with maps crash vavoom
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife Map 15 Bug
Nifty Strife demo.wad
[Fixed] [1.20] Various Strife bugs
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife: Power Coupling Crash
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife Missing HUD Messages
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife Life Bar bug
[Fixed] 1.19.1 Music Volume
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife Flamethrower Bug
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife Map27 Door Bug
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife Rebel Soldier Ammo Drop
[Works for me] [1.19.1] Hexen broken teleporter and portal c
[Fixed] [1.19.1] Strife Sky Texture Change Bug
[Won’t fix] [1.19.1] Strife Map 10 Firing Range Bug
Heretic wads up for developement!
[Fixed] Hexen: OpenGL messes up flechette physics for fighte
[Duplicate] [1.19.1] Hexen Load Error
[Duplicate] Two Ideas
[No] Advanced Level Switching
[Not a bug] [1.19.1]Tiny Music Bug
Problems building Nodes
Making Custom Monsters
Heretic: Can’t find main wad file
Vavoom wads in progress
[Closed] Hmmm… Fixed sprites? (Don’t know the real term 🙁
Environment Particles
General shadow ( Sun “static light” )
starting weapon using progs
Global variables
Version 1.20
[Fixed] [1.20] Strife: More Environmental Suit Bugs
automap functionality like zdoom
[Fixed] [1.20] Multiple Item Pickup Bug
[Fixed] Strife: Certain Items Transition Between Levels
[Fixed] [1.20] missing utils/glvis/flow.cpp in src.bz2|gz Pa
Vavoom Compile HELP (last msg)
[Not a bug] small notice about (Hexen) Wyvern fireballs
Vavoom documentation
[HELP] Using external (OGG,MP3) Music Files / HiRes Textures
[LINUX] vavoom segfaults if not executed in WADS dir [OK]
[Fixed] [1.20-Linux] glvis process fails with *.gwa in $HOME
[Fixed] [1.20 linux-sdl] Joustick bugs[
[Closed] game and $HOME option files
[LINUX-GENTOO] How to install Vavoom
[Fixed]Multiple mapinfo lumps/files not integrating properly
[Implemented] Transition function/classes?
a very stupid question =)
[Fixed] [1.20] TGA hires textures
[Fixed] [linux SDL 1.20] strife overflow crash
[1.20] Half-Peasant/Acolyte still incomplete
[Fixed] [Hexen] Player::GiveMana()
updatelevel : player overflow
[Fixed] [1.20] Strife: Dialog Missing
[Fixed] [1.20] Strife: Incorrect Ammo Given
[Duplicate] Hexen Crashes on Mapload
polyobject door sound problem
So I hear Hexen had an expansion pack…
[Fixed] [1.20] Install problems in linux (Ubuntu Breezy)
[Not a bug] Strange Bug -> All Games
[Fixed] Overflow crash when deliver killing blow to monster
[Fixed] [1.20] Strife Ending Missing Credits
[Duplicate] [1.20] Doom2 + Plutonia Experiment Ending Bug
[Fixed] [1.20] Compile time bug
[Duplicate] Hexen – Leaf portals saw into leaf
[Ubuntu Dapper] Vavoom crashes?
[Not a bug] [SVN] Missing “configure” script
Doom2 Total Remake on Vavoom
Weather Effects
[Fixed] Compile Bug [AMD64+Gentoo]
Vavoom map Storage Area 32 rereleased
[Fixed] [1.20] FLAC
[Fixed] [1.20] Texture switch
Tracking enemy
[Implemented] A class for sharing string resources
Version 1.21
[Fixed] startup crash…
more graphical functions
[Fixed] [1.21]Gentoo Linux:compile error (Segmentation Viola
Full-3d trigger (contribution)
[Resolved] Little Help Needed
Version 1.21.1
[Fixed] [1.21.1] Linux_AMD64:Music issue+error on exit+graph
Zero here wants to edit original Hexen source code
[1.21.1] VC Compiler does not check obligatory ‘return’
About the spambot’s dating ad
Random questions about the wiki tutorial
[Closed] AI
Older Vavoom version?
Hey, Scen
[LINUX-GENTOO] Ebuild for glvis (standalone version)
Grenade launcher in Doom
New Music and Sounds
Tick function
Sounds/Music usage
Quick question on using custom progs
[Closed] Sound queue
Strange error
NOT-A-BUG-[1.21.1] Linux – Crash with OPEGL+3DFX
[Not a bug] [1.21.1] Console ‘bind’ bug
Monster variables
Weapon variables
W_CacheLumpNum: 16122 >:(
[Implemented] Container type
[No] Trying to understand Vavoom’s 3d engine
Menu/status bar is way too small!
[Fixed] [1.21.1] Music issue
Fantastic… ROFL
[Fixed] [1.21] Editing package issue
Old but interesting DoomWorld vavoom thread
Knowing lighting amount at Entity’s position
[Fixed] GCC 4.1 support ?
Build’s voxel?
[Solved] [LINUX SVN-rev.1650] ./configure fails [SOLVED]
[Won’t do] Sprites colormap
Version 1.21.2
World Static lighting trick….how?
[Fixed] [GLVIS-1.6] Linux: wrong version displayed
Running on LAN
[Fixed] [1.21.2] Weapons aren’t displayed properly
Red Font Pack
Installing Skyboxes
Music Set-up
[Fixed] [1.21.2] Strife: failed to load map 02 back from 01
[Fixed] [1.21.2] Automap is drawn based on vis data?
Music Change
[1.21] Fonts almost unreadable with Direct3D
problems with strife
strife multiplayer
[Fixed][1.21.2] Strife Actor Names Do Not Appear In Convo #2
Strife original intro
Strife maps
strife multiplayer
vavoom strife
Some questions about Vavoom C
Creating a Polyobject
Fire-damaging melee weapon (Hexen)
Hi=res textures
[Fixed] [1.21.2] Doom: picking Health Sphere crashes game
[Invalid] Vavoom for Linux
Slownes in vavoom!!!!!
[1.21.2] Double free or corruption
[1.21.2] Crinkling sound [Solved] [Still bug?]
About modifyng the wad…
[Fixed] [SVN] error in “make install”
vavoom is a piece of …
Williston Consulting
Recruiting staff – More like Spamming… Sorry, Janis! :*(
Swimmable water map
[Not a bug] [1.21.2-SVN]Sky stretched vertically
[Fixed] [1.21.2] Dev messages appear without dev mode activa
Cool things
[Not a bug] [SVN] music reference error in mapinfo.txt (doom
[Not a bug] [SVN-linux] basev//textures/* patche
Security Camera
[Not a bug] [1.21.2] DestroyAllChildren
WIP: The Side Gate
[Not a bug] [1.21.2] Hexen:crash using models (g_sword.pcx n
-progs cmd param troubles
How to stall in Vavoom C
[1.21.2] Slope + 3D floor rendering error
Quake-style gibs & already_dead monster gibbing
DarkDM – new multiplayer mod for Vavoom !
Having some trouble
Cheers from a fan !
[Implemented] Doomsday type definitions for models, lights a
Advanced particles / client-side sprites
My parents
[Invalid] Is it cross-platform?
Version 1.22
[Fixed] [1.22 Linux AMD64] Midi music cracks horribly
[Implemented] Fullscreen <-> Window switch
[Implemented] Param to bypass loading of external resources
!!!!!!!Fog effects and max view distance!!!!!!
[Works for me] version 1.22 – crashes when trying to add a b
[Fixed] [1.22] Chainsaw/Chaingun texture MD2 models not load
[Fixed] [1.22] Compile.bat
About the new pk3 format with custom mods….
Silent Steel map2 crash
3D models, multipart model support for player and zombiemans
new site
[Fixed] 1.22 Ubuntu checking for png_read_image in -lpng…
[Closed] Vertex lighting of models for GL and D3D renderer
[Fixed] [1.22] Music settings are ignored when map load fail
[Closed] GP2X port
[Fixed] projectile alignments?
parameter -iwad ?
[Implemented] Muzzle flashes (shoot flames) models support
hires problem
[Implemented] hires in software
[Fixed] All kinds of crashes with Dark Realms (Vavoom 1.22)
[Not a bug] error with internet server hosting
[Fixed] bots/chasecam error
[Fixed] [SVN] compilation fails against Allegro in LINUX
ACS that calculates projectile damage?
Removing player
Torch limit
About clusters
About clusters
Version 1.22.1
[Fixed] A rather BOLD statement
[Fixed] [1.22.1]Compilation error (missing file)
Polyobject with custom sounds
vavoom and odamex
Puny words
Happy New 2007 Year
Z_CT at w_wad.c:521
Making a linedef accept a puzzle piece multiple times
Thing won’t spawn
Strange acs_terminate glitch
Strife breakable & translucent windows in vavoom-doom fo
Stereoscopic (Anaglyph) native support
[LINUX-small bug] Fallback music support
[1.22] VC compiler “enum” issue
Extra View Entities
Loading screen
A moment just after all the things are created on the map?
[Fixed] [1.22.1] Looped sound still playing after map restar
[Not a bug] [1.22.1] Progress bar is missing when building v
MUS -> MID conversion error
My Vavoom projects in progress update
[Fixed] [1.22.1] Hereisarch crush
Korax’ Heritage forums
Pre-rendering light sources
I found this one (Jstrife textures recreated thread)
I found this one too (Alternate jHexen Textures)
[Fixed] [SVN] compile error
[Fixed] [SVN] Segfault before map start
Exceeded maximum # of strings allowed (128)
[Implemented] Fog effects
[Not a bug] [SVN] 3D models not loaded
All Keys?
[Fixed] Strife: Game freezes during area load after castle v
[Fixed] Hexen Firestorm not working
Total Noob Questions *sigh*
Hexen w/ Vavoom LAN games not working
Using Doom Builder with Vavoom Engine
doom 1 menu
Version 1.23
[Fixed] Vavoom crashes when a mobile heresiarch thing_remove
Usepuzzleitem strange glitch
[Fixed] [1.23] Linux AMD64: fatal error “bad class size
new version why?
Allow players to set the virtual resolution?
New project 99.9% done but comes with a problem…..
Freeze up in Vavoom and PrBoom
Model packs question
In need of a master server? I might be able to help…
[Closed] Heres a couple of improvements I’d like to see.
[Fixed] [1.23] MD2 bugs and more
Version 1.23.1
Heavy light
Hack build system to avoid stripping
[Closed] [1.23] AMD_64 Bugs
[Implemented] graphic launcher (VLaunch) rewritten in a port
[Fixed] [1.23.1] Space is shown as ‘_’ in 2-words option’s v
[Fixed] [1.231 and 1.24]Crash in strife
Unlink/LinkToWorld functions
[Fixed] [1.23.1] “Goop” anomolies
Do you like hi res textures in doom?
Compiling Vavoom under Win32
Version 1.24
Wiki Spam
Macros in Vavoom
[Works for me] Music volume option controls sound volume
[Already there] timidity cfg option
[Fixed] hexen crash after using Minotaur
[Fixed] [1.24-Linux] Crash configuring controls
[Fixed] [1.23.1 or 1.24] Division by 0 in PTR_AimTraverse
[Not a bug] [1.24] Some MD2 models are not loaded
[Fixed] Mouse wheel isn’t recognized with Allegro
[Fixed] 1.24 linux – hexen crash bug
[Fixed] 1.24 Hexen animated artifact icons
Visual effects in vavoom =)
No more MD2 models in my project?
[Fixed] Failed to record demo in game mod (Korax Arena)
[No] Realtime Shadows
Playing video as cutscenes
[Not a bug] [1.24] Crash when Hexen finale starts
Original demos in Vavoom format
[Fixed] [1.24] ‘Addbot’ command on title cause game crash
Cameras in Vavoom
Wiki update needed!
Sending command from client side to server side
[Fixed] test(1) does not know about ==
[Fixed] Installation must create subdirs
ACS function GameType
[Closed] Improved Vavoom launcher (contribution proposal)
[Fixed] Doom2 Pain Elemental crash (Segmentation Violation)
Turn off auto-aim
spam spam drugs and spam
[1.24]Music bug in Strife
[Fixed] [1.24] centered message does not reset when game res
Improved Vavoom Documentation
Make substr decrease Len param instead of producing error?
[Fixed] [SVN rev.2587] compile error in strife progs
[Fixed] [1.24] Win/Hexen picking up a weapon piece crashes
[1.24] Win/Hexen Crash when getting unporkulated.
[Fixed] [>=1.23 Linux] crash on network MP connections
Head shot?
Doom Hires Texture Pack
[Fixed] model pack texture animations?
lostsoul models?
[Fixed] Doom map05 imps down ledge?
Realistic terrain with slopes
Integrated pathfinding
[Fixed] [1.24] Calling cprint with empty string crashes the
build vavoom svn on linux?
[Fixed] [SVN 18.08.2007] Game crash when player is killed by
[Fixed] [SVN 18.08,2007] Game freezes when full inventory is
Set Variable
[Fixed] Trivial typo in menu item labels: croshair -> cro
About the new upcoming model format…….
[Fixed] [1.24] double client buffer overflow
A_Chase and NewChaseDir modification
Dev message
[1.24] PointInSector random glitch
[Works for me] [SVN 18.08.2007] Doom2 keycards buggy behavio
[Fixed] [SVN 18.08.2007] Hexen crashes when frozen Player br
Some bugs I’ve quickly noticed
What-If Doom?
Localization support info
[Fixed] strife – only strafe right with yellow life (svn / l
[Fixed] heretic – crash on use wings while flying (svn / lin
heretic/strife – get stuck wielding no weapon (svn / linux)
Dhtp Released!
[Fixed] [1.24 ?] Invincible Lost Soul
A_Look modification
[Fixed] [1.24] VCC typo
What-If? Doom2 initial release (get it here!)
[Duplicate] [1.24] Warp cheat crash
[Fixed] [SVN 11.09.2007] Hexen gimme keys not working
[Not a bug] [SVN ?18.08.2007] Doom weapon sprites bug
[Fixed] [SVN 11.09.2007] Hexen spike thrust crashes the game
[Fixed] [SVN 11.09.2007] Map transition bug
VC arrays
Vavoom graphics limitations
cacodemon stuck pile-up
Regarding level transition
Sounds in Hexen
[Fixed] [1.24] Pickup dlight bug
Vavoom-1.24 installation will not run [solved]
[Fixed] Vulnerability issues in Vavoom <= 1.24
Floor slope thing at edge of sector
[Not a bug] GL node build slow in non-gl mode (linux)
Undocumented slope things?
[Fixed] [SVN] “gimme all” in Doom = no weapons select
[Implemented] Additive rendering style for sprites
Vavoom’s pk3 structure?
Version 1.25
[Fixed] [1.25] render error in 3D models
[Not a bug] Thrusting damage ignores bPushable flag
[Implemented] ZDoom style font lumps!
Decals. We need decals
[Won’t do] Voxel Support
Gimme Music
[Fixed] [1.25-Linux X86_64] build fails with flac-1.2.1 [SOL
[Fixed] [1.25] Several Problems
Linux Windowed Mouse
[Not a bug] [SVN 20071111] Allegro+OpenGL = build failure [S
Kaiser’s Strife Script Compiler updated
[Fixed] [SVN 04.11.2007] Hexen: Korax failes to teleport
[Fixed] [1.25 and later] AimLineAttack div on 0
3d lines as client effects
Reference to destroyed object
Start/Join TCP/IP game from Console or Command Line?
[Duplicate] walls with missing textures?
A lot of game ready character models are on sale (50% off)
[Fixed] [svn 2942] Monsters run backwards
[SVN 2942] Mouse does not work in Controls menu
[SVN 2942] MSWin: mouse look fail after Vavoom looses focus
Mouse in menus
Feel yourself the Serpent Rider
[Not a bug] Error compiling progs
PNG sprites
[Implemented] Text lump parser in progs
[Duplicate] Can’t load saved game after upgrading
How do I take in-game screen shots?
About ViewEnts
[Fixed] [SVN 2942] OPEN scripts
[Duplicate] [SVN 2942] Floor Waggle
[Fixed] [SVN 2965] LineSpecialLevelInfo typo
Respawning monsters
Actor Numbers?
[Fixed] [SVN 2973] Segfault after “End game”
Voxels vs 3D models
[Implemented] Method to load binary lump to array
[Fixed] [SVN 2983] Missing r_data.cpp in source repository
[Works for me] Random Quits to desktop
[Fixed] [SVN 2999] Missing build step in MSVS project
[Fixed] [SVN 2999] optional parameters & replication
[Fixed] [1.25 -> SVN2999] Random crashes
[Implemented] TakeSpecialDamage extra parameter
Questions on Networking (Confusing Information)
[Fixed] [SVN 3034] HitFloorType uses uninitialized reference
Version 1.26
Hexen crashing after level-change in multiplayer >=1.25
[Not related] Editing tools and tutors update request!!!
[Implemented] More useful modeldefs!!!
Great work Janiz! I have some questions.
Vavoom Ultimate Resource Thread* [Updated 16-Jan-2009]
Easy use of Dynamic Lights
How to avoid….
The Computing Center -> Download on Pag.1
[Fixed] Pain Elemental Crash
[No] 3d Solid colision
[Implemented] Master Server
[1.26] Weird compile.bat in Doom 1 progs
Boom compatibility questions.
[Implemented] Fully GZDoom compatibility
Toxic Darkness
Beyond Vavoom 1.26: switching to Cmake troubles
[Fixed] [SVN 3096] (Linux) Cmake build failure using Allegro
[Fixed] a “ghost imp” in Ultimate Doom?
Enhanced Game Files on CD
[Implemented] Pass custom DATADIR and BINDIR to CMake
FadeTo( ) is supported?
Vavoom on Mac OS X
[Fixed] [1.26]SetResolution not working for 1680×1050
[Not a bug] [1.26]Hi-Res textures not showing up
Required Game Versions
Help on PolyObjects (or Boom “Fans”)
[Fixed] Cyberdemons hurt by own rockets?
[Fixed] linetype 40: ceiling up to highest next ceiling
[Fixed] cacodemons go berzerk?
[SVN 3141] vc_member.cpp fails to build with ZONE_DEBUG=ON
Bug Posting Guidelines
[Fixed] [1.26], DOOM, Multiplayer, Player set up
[Fixed] [1.26], Multiplayer, windows
Texture sizes in Vavoom
Question about ambient sounds
[No] More dynamic models/movement
[SVN 3259] compile error on vc_member.cpp with DEBUG enabled
[Fixed] texture at wrong height with linetype 242?
[Fixed][SVN ~3300] MSWin D3D alt-tab buggy behavior
Weird behavior of defaultproperties
[Fixed] mid texture problem on 2s lines with sky ceiling
[Fixed] mid textures multiplied with Vavoom 3D floors
Screenshots discussion
Custom Games
[Fixed] VavoomC String
[1.26] (linux-ati-drivers) Hexen: unhitable monster created
Concerning latest SVN changes
automap wall colours?
[Duplicate] Monsters in HEXEN do not die
need help on unix
Concerning couple of function names
Version 1.27
[Fixed] [1.27] Mouse dosn’t work at all
[Fixed] [1.27] Flawed decorate loop detection
[Fixed] [1.27] Map loading times seriously damaged
[1.27] Linux + ati-drivers + OpenGL = no cross crosshair
[Not a bug] Doom2 map32 cyberdemon seen through door
[Fixed] ver. 1.27 Doom monsters behaviour?
[Fixed] Doom monsters can activate fast doors and lifts
[Fixed] [1.27] Gimme artifacts issue
[Fixed] something wrong with item pick ups?
[Fixed] Heretic model sabreclaw’s axe
[Closed] More customization
Host a game from command line
Version 1.27.1
[Fixed] [1.27.1] Zen_Dynamics unplayable
[Fixed] [svn-3511] Strife – incorrect amount of health given
[Fixed] [svn-3521] Strife: jump height much too low
[Fixed] Strife – h/acc upgrade received without a reason
Troubleshooting & Wad install help plz
Does Vavoom support expansion packs?
invisible bridges raise by moving doors
[Fixed] invisible bridges can block movement
[Fixed] Sector_SetDamage
[Implemented] Additive blending for translucent 3D floors
[Fixed] [SVN 3550] Mistake in DoomBuilder cfg
[Fixed]spawned monsters stuck when they wake up
[Not a bug] Hexen: Korax shoots player when not in sight
[Not a bug] [1.27.1] Strife: slime do not damage player
[Fixed] [1.27.1] Strife: machinegun flicker
[1.27.1] Sector fade glitch
[Fixed] [1.27.1] Couple of minor editor cfg issues
[Implemented] Fade effect applied to 3d floor
[Fixed]Doom/Boom scroller vectors lack boost?
[Fixed] Doom exit lines with tags
[Fixed] Hexen, Segmentation violation in Wolf Chapel
[Fixed] [Vavoom_1.27.1] Hexen, 4th weapon part, Wolf Chapel.
[svn-3578]Hexen – a little problem
[Fixed] [svn-3591]Hexen – crash on getting porculated
[1.27.1] Hexen, problem in Secret Level, Episode 3.
[Fixed][1.27.1] Hexen, problem in Secret Level, Episode 1.
[Works for me] New, unexplained Hexen crash
[Not a bug] Doom locked doors
dehacked renamed sprites
[Fixed] [1.27.1] Gameplay Options Menu Text
[Fixed] [1.27.1] Hexen, missing gear, Episode 4.
Regarding DECORATE
[Not a bug][svn-3633]Hexen, problem in Heresiarch’s Seminary
[Not a bug] version 1.18 doens’t work
[Closed] Doom Browser
[Duplicate] strife : stats increase in training facility
comparison of source ports
[Implemented] model interpolation support
Guess who owns the Doom Wiki?
[Duplicat]Hexen: Game dies in Map12 by the locked Teleporter
[Fixed][svn-3688]Assertion related crashes
[Implemented] altfire state support for decorate weapons
Version 1.28
New version
The Vavoom Wiki hast runneth over with spam
[Not a bug] [1.28] Doom chaingun: skipping frame
[Implemented]Widescreen resolutions
advanced textured particles
[Fixed] “death” and “xdeath” states difference problems
Weapons signifigintly slower then rest of game
crouch states
fullbright for model parts
[Fixed] problems with dynamic lights
i’m new to editing vavoom…
sprites don’t show up in editor or vavoom
[No] more sensitive mouse
1.28 md2 models segmentation violation
[Already there] Easier to build slopes and water(swimmable)
problem with player states
[Hexen] bug in new game/save/load
[Fixed] [SVN-r3272] Missing file in progs source
Vavoom Progress Updates
problem with partially translucent png skins..
[Fixed] 1.28 Door Texture Issue
[Fixed] [svn-3726] Probably a typo
[Not a bug] direct 3d can’t set default resolution
I can’t get texture to work in vavoom
Vavoom vs GZDoom
Quake1 models and textures?
More Boom Support (please)
[Fixed] Vavoom + DirectX
Modifying/Creating weapons
Is this implemented?
Some questions
Rescaling TITLEPIC
Water Transparency glitch
I made a banner…
[Implemented] 3D floors offsets
Maybe a megawad for Vavoom or a MP map pack…
R3D models
[Fixed] [1.28] LineAttack issue
Quaked Dimension
Advanced Mapping Visual Effects
[Fixed] [1.28] Weird lighting bug
3D Floor fast question
Advanced GLDEFS lump
Best Multiplayer Port
[Fixed] While not quite a bug…
[Not a bug] Compilation fail: install TARGETS
[1.28] Fast missiles strange behavior
No Music
[Fixed] compat_boomscroll
[Fixed] 1.28 Monsters of the same class fight each other
[Fixed] [1.28] PS3 / PPC Linux MIDI Music Problem
QUERY: finding online players for vavoom
unwad – minimal cross-platform lump extractor
unwad – minimal cross-platform lump extractor
Doombuilder 2 preveiw
CURIOUS: Source-port’s portforwarding madness….
REQ: IDE support
REQ: launcher enhanced
An updated DB config
Clavicula Nox (revised version)
Problem with sloped surfaces
Running Vavoom? – How to play doom with Vavoom
Capping Framerate?
[Implemented] LoadBinaryLump parameter type
Wicked Doom: Fairly Simple Mod (basically done)
HQ2X Filter
Compiled SVN build
Version 1.29
About overriding linespec classes
[Closed] [1.29] CanSee Stack overflow
Non-solid thing mess
[1.29] C/F Texture panning limit
Favorite Thing About Vavoom
Ehemm How do I…
Adding/Replacing Weapons and Player Classes
Limited number of Dynamic Lights?
Progs source code for 1.26
Deutsch or …
[1.29] Hexen automap map title clip
Actual Inventory object
How about performance?
[Fixed][1.29] Gibs freezed animation
Game Music and Demos
Slade and Vavoom
[Invalid][1.29] Unwanted fog effects on software mode
Recent SVN Build
Automatized GLBSP & GLVIS
Static (Coloured) Lights Not Working
[1.29] Translucent sprite & plane reflection
Textures on slopes
Reference not set to an instance of an object
Updating software renderer
Fast projectiles
[No] Perspective Correction for Alias Models
[Fixed] [1.29] After-morph view height
Happy Birfdeh…
Networking Questions
Doom Wad Explorer
[Implemented] Additions to opening_t structure
Compiling error
Static light colour
Korax Arena 1.0
Colored Static Lights not showing up
[Not a bug]new bug in vavoom decor
[LINUX]Can’t play soundfont with timidity++
[Fixed] Vavoom 1.29 –Strife– Crashing at the Castle (Zone
Do you release RCs and what not?
FPS drop with models
Forum RSS feed?
Im looking for a palette editor
How about a Boom Tournament?
[How-To] Palette Editing Tutorial (Finished)
[1.29-1] [not vavoom bug] Hexen crashes when leaving 1st hub
Question on how to programm…
[Fixed] Hexen crashes on firing/assembling Bloodscourge
[svn 3981] Hexen crashes on loading saves from 1.29-1
Trying an “epic” construction
[Fixed] a coding question
Doom Builder 2 Test Compilation
Vavoom Launcher Plus [ver. 0.9.2 BETA] [DLoad on P.1]
[Fixed][1.29] Linux+Timidity: MIDI music doesn’t loop
[Fixed] [1.29] Software Rendering + Changing Resolution
This weapon mod is not showing up in Vavoom!
Menu screen update
How to start other iWAD games?
Eval/evalnot keywords
Version 1.30
[Fixed][r3997] Flooding water problems with sloped sectors
version 1.30, lighting bug
Using vavoom with and without HiRes textures/3D models
[1.30] Hexen: wrong obituary for centaur reflection
Method in progs to write callstack to log
[Fixed][1.30] Hexen: inventory with ice damage type dies 🙂
[Not a bug][1.30] Decorate definitions flag name
Different sounds for armor and armor bonus!
Help running Strife
Whats wrong with this script? Spawning question.
Want a drink?
Problems with Transparency
GLVIS data building taking FOREVER!
[No] Delegates as struct members
Vavoom project finally completed!
[Not a bug] [1.26+] Sector_SetRotation ( )
Funny Vavoom bugs
[Fixed][1.30] Hexen: crash when taking 4th weapon piece
[Fixed][1.30] Minotaur crash
3 Suggestions
Outdated progs question
high res sprites in PNG format
[1.30] Crash during botmatch
Sprite Z Height not working
MD2 models from Silent Steel
Coronas on lighting sources
[Not a bug] command line help
can’t run custom game
A way to know when player is running
[Fixed] [1.30] segfault when no arguments provided
[1.30] user documentation is lacking
[1.30] detect uppercase .WAD files
[Closed] [1.30] Stuck movement keys
Some questions about advanced modeldef usage
Porting Doomsday “DED” files to Vavoom
[Fixed] opening_t typo
More states customization
how do i use DHTP (texture pack)?
What’s with all the spam?
[Invalid jump to frame(index) or jump to state(name) acs fun
Vavoom hexen v1.30 Fedora 11 Linux floating point exception.
Sprite rendering bug
Surfinfo lump request
[svn 4019] Widget::TextWidth crash
More text formatting
PathTraverse does not check vertices
[1.30] Network: non-std PC name crash the game
[Duplicate]How to kill invulnerable ‘ghost’ monsters. Hexe
[SVN 4040] Weird VC compiler error message
[Fixed] [1.30] Strife: Rebels pop up from dead peasants
[Fixed] [1.30] Strife: Entity crash
[Fixed][SVN 4040] Strife: Voices overlay
[Fixed] [SVN 4040] Strife: Acolyte wrong behavior
[Fixed] [SVN 4040] Strife: Bishop’s attack misses player
A cheat for unlimited ammo
[Fixed] [SVN 4040] Strife: Fullscreen inventory overlayed
[SVN 4040] Parsing long string in script causes bad memory?
Script Parser suggestion
[Fixed] [SVN 4040] Dead player plays landing sound
[Fixed] [SVN 4045] Possible bug with PowerCoupling
[SVN 4045] Strife: Laser beam texture not visible
[Fixed] [SVN 4045] Strife: wrong line translation for specia
[Fixed] [SVN 4052] Unused integer variable in progs
[Not a bug] [SVN 4045] Strife: Possibly wrong character name
[Fixed] [1.30]Strife:dropping an item doesn’t remove it
Vavoom SVN builds now available!
[Fixed] [svn 4046] compiling error
[Fixed] Perhaps a gcc bug
[SVN 4045] Elevator pushes player thru 3dfloor
[SVN 4045] Strife: Wrong objective after Loremaster
[FIxed] [SVN 4045] Strife: wrong Inquisitor behavior
Updated forum software
I can not make a Coop DooM 2 with my friend
[Fixed] [SVN 4070] Doesn’t build on linux
[Fixed] (Probably) incorrect behavior of svnrevision tool
[Fixed] Doom1 E1-E3 intermission screens
Customizable autoaim params
[Fixed]Vavoom crashing with my Heretic WAD
[Fixed] New cmake – new problem
Vodoo Dolls
Preventing model roll when player view has roll
Patch for simulating faded lights
Patch for adding IWAD directory to the launcher
Some Questions about Editing + Mod Idea
Patch for fixing a crash with MIDI music
[Not Vavoom]Vavoom 1.3 Heretic Music Volume
General questions about editing
[FIXED][1.30 – Linux] Strife breaks Vavoom after Bishop
Heretic: Curse of D’sparil released.
Questions about VavoomC
[Not a Bug][Unknown version] Music disappearing.
[Invalid] Linear texture filter.
Vavoom and Fedora 12…
[Fixed][SVN 4116] Strife: Wooden Door Closing Sound Incorrec
[SVN 4116] Strife: Crossbow Pickup via Convo Bug
Making better Doom 2 model skins
[Fixed][SVN 4116] Strife: Oracle+Spectre is Immune To First
Where’s the WADs dir in Linux?
[Fixed][SVN 4116] Strife Oracle Bugs
[Fixed][SVN 4116] Strife: Missing Door Transitions
Doom Buider 2 Configurations for Vavoom Engine
[Fixed][1.30] Heretic: e4m1 map/graphics problem
[Fixed][Heretic] Changing Episode makes my game crash !
[Fixed][SVN 4116] Strife: Bloodbath Respawn
[Fixed][SVN 4116] Strife: Acolyte/Human Crushing Sound Miss
Patch for fixing Strife bugs and some additions
Please remove PCX
Setting screenshot file format
Patch for additional actor properties
Is it posible to disable autoaim?
Patch for additions to DECORATE
Doomseeker has support for Vavoom
Patch for complete parsing of GZDoom’s GLDEFS lump
[Fixed]A new compiler warning in r4143
Some progs questions
4 Suggestions
Patch for option to uncapping framerate
Patch for sky brightness option
Patch for better adjusting of mouse sensitivity options.
Crash when using Timidity as music
Patch for fixing default Dehacked heights for actors
Crash – Vavoom 1.30 Strife
[SVN R4165] Strife Assault Gun Shoots @ Wrong Speed
[Fixed][SVN R4165] Strife: Player’s Flamethrower Don’t Hurt
[Fixed][SVN 4165] Strife Auto-Health Threshold Too Low
Patch for Strife bugfixes.
Version 1.31
Savegame conversion between versions
[Fixed][r4200] Segfault at game start
DB2 Configurations + LightColor bug
Windows 7 Hexen LAN issue
[Fixed]Bug: Vavoom V1.31 & SVN Version 4215 Strife
Vavoom/Doom/Heretic hangs and crashes
[Fixed]player projectile heights
Experimental Code 😉
PNG transparency
[Fixed]Door types 26, 27, 28 behavior
Problems compiling Vavoom 1.31 on Debian Lenny
“Pre-Patched” Hexen 1.1 wad?
[1.31] (Hexen) Vertical sliding along wall is buggy
New crash when compiling shaders
[1.31] (Hexen) strength of weapons has changed
Vavoom Advanced Rendering beta test.
Disable damage randomize
[Fixed][SVN R4246] Game hangs
console errors with Doom monster models
[Fixed] statbar health doesn’t zero after dying
[Fixed]-10/20% nuke floor + rad suit hurts too much
[Fixed] [1.31] A typo in the source (mesage)
[Fixed][1.31] (DooM1, DooM2) Armor indicator easily fooled
[1.31] (Hexen) Scripts fail to execute after level restart
[Fixed][1.31] (Hexen) Two items don’t play their use sound
(Hexen) Separate “Gimme weapons” and “Gimme Armor” cheats
[Fixed][1.31] (Hexen) Changeclass cheat fails silently
Trium – Evening Call
[Fixed] level change: fps drop, shadows change
Colored lighting in 8-bit software
[Fixed][r4283] vavoom fails to build
[Fixed] EvilEye height
Acceleration, friction, inertia…
[Fixed] [1.31] 61 -> 61 HP after hit from Hell Knight
translucent models (new renderer)
Help me update the wiki !
Vavoom DB2 config
[Fixed] [svn 4299] POD warning yet again
Paletted textures
Patch for DECORATE extensions and fixes to RandomSpawner
[1.31] Unsupported flags (oldradiusdm, fixmapthingpos)
Patch for fixing the Heretic floor raise bug
[Fixed][1.31] (Hexen) Jump height is too high !
[1.31] Hall of Mirrors (Hexen) (Pics)
10 years of Vavoom
[Fixed][1.32] (Hexen) Key disappears, door closes !
[1.32] Shadow bug when using map command in console
Problem with old trium progs using with 1.32 =(
[1.32] Imp models do not appear with OpenGL
Some renderer optimizations
I’m new to the engine, can someone help me set it up?
Applying hires to patches
[Fixed]Strife, conversation crash
[Fixed]Strife, auto health crash
Non-Power of 2 Textures
Patch for additional performance options
The real problem with lacking VCC scripts & a question
Playing add-on WADs
Aaimed/targeted light sources
Lights effecting hud models
[Fixed]r4321, Strife restart crash
[Fixed]Strife menu gfx animation?
an extremely noobolicious question
r4325 my Trium mod crashes
D3D renderer
Music, Sounds, and a Custom Launcher
[Changed]monsters can drop from ledges
Doom E4M1, sargeant wakes up at start
savegame, player stuck on ledges
Slow development
Gameplay videos
[Already Fixed]Strife (full), Vavoom 1.3.2, Reference not
New to Vavoom from GZDoom
[Not Vavoom]Strife, Snapshot 4327, Segmentation Violation
[1.32] Azerty number input support
[Fixed][1.32] Doom E4M1 problem with the red key-door.
Loading quake 1 format maps
Daylight/heavylight support
vavoom coop without DM weapons
[Not a Bug] Vavoom 1.32: Vlaunch Error
[Fixed] [r4336] – crashes on start
[User Error]W_GetNumForName Translat Not Found
Trying to compile from SVN
[1.32] Dedicated server uses entire CPU core.
Setting up Vavoom on Linux
Master Server (
[Not a bug][1.32] Heretic yellow door, Vlaunch error
Strange crash when destroying the render level class
[Fixed][Vavoom SVN4353] [Arch Linux 64Bit] glVis Problems
[Fixed][svn 23-12-2010][Debian linux] Weapon sprite bug
[Fixed][svn 23-12-2010][Debian linux][Hexen] Warrior flechet
[Fixed][vavoom SVN4353] [64Bit Linux] Crash when loading Sav
[Fixed][vavoom SVN4354] Heretic Item Icons spin fast
[SVN4354][64Bit Linux] Heretic – The blood fountain of doom
[Fixed][SVN4354][64Bit Linux] – Heretic Item usage between l
[Fixed][SVN4354][64Bit Linux] Heretic – Map revels beofre ex
[Fixed][svn 30-12-2010][Debian linux][Hexen] Flechettes hate
Version 1.33
[Fixed][1.33][Debian Linux] Hexen class picture animated too
[Fixed][1.33][Debian Linux][Heretic] Gauntlets sound bug
Player and monster shadows from sprites?
Heretic Network co-op game
Trying getting my mod to work[Hexen]
[Fixed][1.33][Debian Linux]Two more flechette bugs
[Fixed][1.33][Debian Linux][all] No lava painsound
[Fixed][1.33][Debian Linux] Stuck in a cacodemon
Compile Vavoom on Windows
[Not Vavoom][1.33][Debian Linux] Mod-related Segmentation Fa
Actionhexen: gameplay changes, no new levels
Could you fix the Flawed Collision Detection bug ?
[Fixed][1.33][Hexen] Vertical doors don’t collide with froze
VavoomC/Progs scripting questions
[Added][1.33][Hexen][Patch] St.Bosses and Bishops fire throu
[Fixed][1.33][Hexen] BounceCount and ceiling bounce bugs
[Implemented][Feature request] Change ‘map’ command behavior
[Fixed][1.33][Debian 64bit][Hexen] Crash when using ‘map’ in
[Fixed][1.33][Hexen] Maps and music are out of order
[1.33][Hexen] /killall anomaly
[Added][Patch]Query about MikMod usage
[Fixed][1.30] Doom2 : Vavoom does not call SDL_Quit() for cr
[1.33][modding] ForcePain malfunctions when no Pain state
[1.30] Doom2 : QuickLoad (F9) crashes if -file is wrong
[1.33][Hexen modding] bBounceCeilings ignores bBounceSky
[1.33] Script parser does not know >= and <= tokens?
Vavoom master server
[1.33][Hexen modding] MaxStepHeight and other step bugs
[Not a Bug][1.33][Hexen] Two minor cheat bugs
[Fixed]screenshot crash
[Fixed]Strife, autoheal crash
Code refactoring thread
[Not a Bug][1.33][Debian amd64] Segfault when loading IWAD
No view bobing k tnx.
Can’t get modded monsters to appear
[1.33] DOOM2.WAD relies on a fixed bug
[Fixed][r4375] Source uses undefined #defines and objects
[Fixed][r4374] wolfen.wad crashes upon leaving Ruined City
[Fixed][1.33][Debian Linux 64][Hexen] noclip crash
[1.33][Debian 64][Hexen] Premature missile death
Console features
[1.33][Hexen] Minor Wraithverge bug
[1.33][Hexen] Player in pig form coughs like human
[r4383] Further wolfen.wad problems
[Duplicate]heretic imp death bug with slopes?
[Fixed]block-everything line flag
[Implemented][1.33][Hexen][patch] Teleport Other doesn’t wor
[Hexen][Eyecandy][“patch”] Hiss, steam when fire hits water
[1.33][Hexen] Afrit/Firedemon death animation problem
[Fixed]Strife conversations, mouse problem
[Fixed]Strife, Gold Key problem
What kinds of objects are saved into savegame?
So, what’s up with the vavoom site?
Wiki state
[1.33] DECORATE does not recognise <= and >=
[Not a Bug][1.33]DECORATE embedded in VavoomC won’t accept a
[Fixed]Strife, animated doors problem
Dark wispers example map
[Fixed]Strife, weapons bobbing lazy
[Fixed]Strife, sigil3 crash
compiling on mac osx
[Fixed]polyobject problem with some wads
[Fixed]linespecial 120: earthquake
vavoom 1/30-5 (RPM) on Fedora 14: can’t find main WAD file
[1.33] Segfault when compiling engine.dat
[r4415] Misspellings in a CMakeList, windows.h on Linux
[Fixed]Faild to compile trunk version
[Fixed]Missing file Spc_Filter.h
[Added]In gcc are not defined __int64
[Fixed]Missing file SPC_Emu.h in trunk
[Fixed][r4420] Undeclared functions in blargg_source.h, Vgm_
Forum icons missing?
[Fixed][r4422]MSVC and gcc seem to disagree
[r4425]a minor typo and a significant annoyance
Impassable linedefs and 3D
[1.33] Out Parameter on non-final functions.
Complete beginner …
Sloping non-3D floors over a meta sector
Where is the map??!
Source Code Editing Help
Source Code Editing Help
Source Code Editing Help
Source Code Editing Help
Doom Spectre effect problem
Source Code Tutorials for Doom
[1.33] Strife, Reference not set to an instance of an object
gimme keys console problem
Now you can compile prboom+ and Eternity on VC++2008 Express
Now compile Risen3D source code on VS2008 Express Edition.
Uhhhh, I just can’t get motivated to finish this project!!!!
Can Vavoom support Edge’s DDF files
Whats wrong with my Script?
So is Vavoom officially dead?
[r4431] cmake can’t find libraries on Debian multiarch
GPU not suported in advanced mode
Anyone available to do Quake md2 models I’m willing to pay!
Strife Fuzziness
Is there anyone still alive? Need help on progs!!!!!!
Semi Spam blockage! Or not 🙁
Make me an admin?
Hmmm, so why can’t I run Strife?
Is project still alive?
Vavoom not working on Lucid Puppy Linux 5.2.5
New User posts will need to be approved
Heretic Coop?
qeffects-gl in vavoom
vlaunch: panel too small for video/sound options
Will there ever be a new version of Vavoom?
Sprites not showing up in game
Whats the status of Vavoom? Officially dead?