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How did you get Strife to work?

Thu, 25 Apr 2002 06:00:56


Alright, this will be the last annoying question for a while I promise, I am just really curious I suppose.<br><br>Anyways, I tested Strife with Vavoom (pretty cool!) and was curious as to how you are working that without the source code to Strife.  I assume that the graphics, sounds, and maps can all be ported over directly. <br><br>Are you just "making up" the part of the code that make strife different from the original doom engine (i.e. take a best guess at how the original programmers programmed certain things such as the intricate event system)?  Is it just the original data, the base doom-engine code, and code that you make up to simulate what the source code probably actually is? This seems like the most logical approach to me but I am curious as to how people do things like this.  Furthermore, are there any legal implications to "engineering" something like this?  Of course, I support the effort wholeheartedly.  I guess if the company that made it is out of business then it doesn't really matter.  Maybe their publisher could be contacted though.  If they don't have the source, maybe they can give their blessings to efforts such as this.
Thu, 25 Apr 2002 17:19:56

Janis Legzdinsh

There's no problem with data, since it's in the same format as in Doom. The only diference was with texture definition lumps where they removed some unused space. For progs I took Doom progs and replaced info tables with data extracted from the exe files. Some standard action functions were easy to figure out, the rest are dummies. That's basicly the current state of the Strife support in Vavoom. Figuring out the behavior will be a lots of work.

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