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comparison of source ports

Mon, 02 Jun 2008 02:19:52


SS Free (2) SCROLL DOWN TO SEE PLEASE DON'T DISCRIMINATE AGAINST THIS THREAD, I SPENT SEVERAL DAYS AND COUNTLESS HOURS TAKING SCREENSHOTS AND TYPING THIS AND UPLOADING THE SCREENSHOTS TO THE INTERNET USING DIALUP (56k). Thank you. I have taken the liberty of comparing a few of the major source ports. This is great for new players because it can help them find a source port that is right for them. It is also good for csDoom players who are looking for a new place to play Doom since csDoom is dead now. I have also rated them. Best = The best one, in my opinion. Fantastic = Great. Good = Good. AAbove Average = Better than ordinary. Average = Nothing special. Below Average = Not quite average. Bad = Bad. Gay = Horrible. Worst = The worst one on the list, it is Doom3D, so it's a fact, not an opinion. ??? = Can't try it. bZDoom - above average bZDoom is an above average source port. It has single player and multiplayer, however you can only play DWANGO5.WAD on multiplayer, which is odd. The source port comes with DWANGO5.WAD. [u:1burxkbv]screenshots[/u:1burxkbv] website IRC game forums csDoom - ??? csDoom was one of the first client/server source ports. It is still available for download however Internet Doom Explorer no longer supports it and no one plays on it.....ever. [u:1burxkbv]screenshots[/u:1burxkbv] client/server forums IRC SourceForge website Doom3D - worst Doom3D is possibly the worst source port out there, it is the Internet Explorer of Doom. Source ports that don't work are better than this one. You can't even configure your controls and the controls that you can't change are blank, so all you can do is move around with your mouse (you can't shoot with mouse though, just lookspring or whatever it is). [u:1burxkbv]screenshots[/u:1burxkbv] forums IRC website Doom95 - fantastic Doom95 is a great source port. I recommend everyone get it, the best part is that it comes with DOOM.WAD, DOOM2.WAD, TNT.WAD, and PLUTONIA.WAD. The whole part about it coming with the 4 Doom IWADs and it having so many multiplayer types are pretty much the only things that makes this a fantastic source port, instead of a good or above average one. [u:1burxkbv]screenshots[/u:1burxkbv] client/server forums IRC server website Doom Legacy - Below Average Doom Legacy is a failed attempt at making a client/server source port. Most of the options can't be changed for one. Two, No one plays it. [u:1burxkbv]screenshots[/u:1burxkbv] forums IRC SourceForge website wiki DOOMBOT - below average A horrible bot. In coop it doesn't even shoot the monsters. However in DM, TDM, and CTF, it might be useful........that is if DOOMBOT had such features. [u:1burxkbv]screenshots[/u:1burxkbv] game IRC website GZDoom - below average It's a simple single player source port. It would be average if it had multiplayer. [u:1burxkbv]screenshots[/u:1burxkbv] forums game IRC website wiki NetDoom - gay It sucks, you can't even maximize the game. [u:1burxkbv]screenshots[/u:1burxkbv] forums game IRC SourceForge website NTDOOM - best The best source port out there. [u:1burxkbv]screenshots[/u:1burxkbv] game IRC website Odamex - above average A new client/server source port, it's a little above average, but nobody plays it. [u:1burxkbv]screenshots[/u:1burxkbv] client/server forums IRC server website wiki Skulltag - below average The Skulltag community is almost as bad as ZDaemon's community, but atleast Skulltag players don't make fun of dead people like the ZDaemon players do. Except of course RebDoomer, but who doesn't make fun of a guy who killed 12 high school students with the intent to kill hundreds. [u:1burxkbv]screenshots[/u:1burxkbv] client/server forums game IRC server website wiki Vavoom - below average Good graphics...until you pause the game. [u:1burxkbv]screenshots[/u:1burxkbv] forums IRC website wiki ZDaemon - fantastic Very fun, except it has the worst community. If you don't believe me check out THIS, plus ask anyone who plays doom if the ZDaemon community sucks. ZDaemon's community is run by a faggot (Raider) and is full of 9 year old kids like Lockwolf. [u:1burxkbv]screenshots[/u:1burxkbv] wiki website server IRC game forums client/server
Sun, 06 Jul 2008 22:08:05


skulltag, zdoom/gzdoom, vavoom, EDGE, are the best source ports you think z daemon is good <!-- s:shock: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_eek.gif" alt=":shock:" title="Shocked" /><!-- s:shock: --> me <!-- s:csaw2: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/csaw2.gif" alt=":csaw2:" title="Chainsaw 2" /><!-- s:csaw2: --> zdaemon

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