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Mon, 02 Mar 2009 16:56:26


...during the game, is possible? For example, when the player enters a certain sector, the whole map (sprites, textures, particles, etc...) becomes red & black. If we can do this on Vavoom by using another method, it will be also accepted. I know that this is possible in Boom by using different colormaps, and loading them with a "Transfer_Properties( )" linedef action, but i don't know if Vavoom supports this. [EDIT] And another editing question: how does the cameras works in Vavoom? I need a camera to keep moving arround a point, and also looking at it. The camera is in a higher position from the point. I look the cameras on some zDoom maps, but for eny reason, i cant make them to work in Vavoom.

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