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Full Games

Korax’ Heritage: Scattered Evil

Cross-breeding of a 3D first person shooter and a fantasy Role Playing Game in the world of Hexen, you can travel around a huge world, talk to people, embark on quests, explore dungeons and fight monsters with a vast arsenal of weapons, spells and artifacts.

Korax Arena: Tournament of the Serpent Riders

A 3D multiplayer mod with RPG elements featuring six player classes from Hexen, Heretic, Doom and Witchaven, with Unreal Tournament style game modes and maps.

Korax Mod

The first ever gameplay mod for Hexen (v1.0 released in June 2001), as of v4.0 it is using the Vavoom engine.


Silent Steel

Silent Steel is a 7 map vavoom based project set in a dark rusted metal base theme. The features include: slopes, static lighting, 3D floors, polysectors, a TGA skybox and many more.

As of May 2019, a k8vavoom version called “Silent Steel: Remastered” has been posted on Doomworld, with the download located here.

Single Maps

Braham Manor

A remake of ‘The Mansion’ but this time done using the Vavoom engine to create a more realistic environment. Braham Manor features polydoors, 3D floors, static lighting, custom MD2 models and a TGA skybox.


Quake2Doom is a single+coop player map that originally started back in the summer of 2000 as a 9 map Quake2ish themed project. Though it failed to really capture the Quake2 design. Now after 4 years, the project is now redone and utilizing the advance capabilities of the Vavoom source port. The features include: sloped sectors, Quake2 style static lighting, 3D room over room, polydoors and a custom TGA skybox.

Dark wispers

1 map demo showing off most of Vavoom’s features: static lighting and 3D floors.

Storage area

Just a medium size demo wad showing off vavoom’s static lighting and 3d floors.This is just a test wad for my upcoming project that will take advantage of vavoom.

SlayeR’s Vavoom Map 1

A Vavoom level made to test out all of Vavoom’s cool features, including Quake style static lighting, 3D floors, etc. etc. Pretty short and easy, so it’d make a decent intro level or something.

Source modifications


KoraxRPG (the engine Scattered Evil is based on) uses Vavoom 1.33 SR1, which is not available in binary form outside of the Scattered Evil distribution, but can be downloaded as code from SourceForge and manually compiled.


A third party fork of Vavoom in development, modernizing the rendering engine and some other parts; currently severe backward compatibility issues with legacy VavoomC and only guaranteed to work with DOOM/DOOM II (but should be able to run all DOOM engine based games). For more information, see this Doomworld forum thread. You can download the latest source code at

Unreleased projects

Doom2 Total Remake

  • Authors: Alex-bomber_Man & Firebrand
  • Game: DOOM II

This mod is created to reborn Doom2, using Vavoom features. It will replace all 32 maps and add some new things to the original game.

Korax’s Fortress

A collection of new maps and some new buddies.

The Fallen

The Fallen is a 6 map Vavoom only project inspired by the Quake mod ‘Rapture’ and ‘Soul of Evil’. Built using various textures from Daikatana, Quake and Hexen2, Fallen utilises Vavoom’s features skillfully. The features include: slopes, static lighting, 3D floors, polydoors, TGA skybox and many more.

Archived Project News

This is a list of the topics in the subforum “Project news” from the old Vavoom forums.

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