Vavoom is a source port based on sources of Doom, Heretic, Hexen and a little bit from Quake. Supported platforms are Windows and Linux.

Table of Contents


Vavoom is distributed under terms of GNU General Public Licence.


To play Vavoom you need main wad file from one of the following games:

  • Doom shareware
  • Registered Doom
  • Ultimate Doom
  • Doom 2: Hell on Earth
  • Doom 2: TNT Evilution
  • Doom 2: The Plutonia experiment
  • Heretic shareware
  • Heretic registered
  • Hexen
  • Strife shareware
  • Strife

If you have multiple IWADs, you can use command line params -doom, -doom2, -tnt, -plutonia, -heretic, -hexen or -strife to look for IWADs only for that game. Hexen requires a wad file from version 1.1.

Differences from original game

  • Support higher (and lower) resolutions.
  • 16 and 32 bit colours for all the drivers, 24 bit for OpenGL and Direct3D.
  • Polygon-based software rendering.
  • OpenGL rendering.
  • Direct3D rendering.
  • Lightmapped lighting.
  • Static light sources with sight checking (i.e. true shadows).
  • Dynamic lighting.
  • Colored lighting.
  • Specular highlights.
  • Particles.
  • Mipmapping.
  • Skyboxes.
  • Freelook.
  • Zooming.
  • Jumping.
  • Models.
  • Progs – now you can forget about DeHackEd.
  • Translucency.
  • Quake like Console.
  • CD audio.
  • 3 crosshairs.
  • Fullscreen stats.
  • Controls can be redefined in-game.
  • Pure client/server architecture with in-game joining.
  • Sloped floors and ceilings.
  • 3D floors.
  • Possibility to use wall textures on floors/ceilings and flats on walls.
  • Support for tall patches and scaled textures.
  • glBSP plugin.
  • glVIS plugin.
  • WAV and FLAC sounds, MP3, OGG and mod-style music.
  • Support for Skyboxes.
  • WAV and FLAC sounds, MP3, OGG and mod-style music.
  • Possibility to use Timidity for MIDI and MUS playback.
  • High Resolution textures.
  • Stencil shadows.
  • Custom object and weapon definitions using DECORATE script.
  • And lots more…


Special Thanks

Id Software / John CarmackThese are the people who developed Doom and Quake, they later released the source code for both.
Raven SoftwareDevelopers of Heretic and Hexen. They also realeased source code for both.
Rogue EntertainmentDevelopers of Strife.
Francisco (Firebrand) OrtegaSecond developer of the Vavoom engine, provides mainly bugfixing and enhancements to the current code.
Jim Flynn, Stan Gula, Ty Halderman, Lee Killough, Rand Phares, Team TNTMain authors of the BOOM sourceport, which Vavoom utilizes some features from.
James (Quasar) Haley, Christoph (Graf Zahl) Oelckers, Pascal vd Heiden (CodeImp)Main developers of the UDMF map format.
Randy HeitDeveloper of the ZDoom sourceport, which Vavoom uses features from.
Rachael (Eruanna) Alexanderson, Nigel (Enjay) RowandWebmaster and administrator of the DRD Team SVN Builds, which host Vavoom SVN builds.