Console Commands

AddBot <bot name>

Adds the bot specified by name, for Doom and Heretic bot names are BotX where X is a number between 1 & 8, for Hexen the bot name also implies a class name like BotYX where Y is the class name (F for Fighter, C for Cleric, M for Mage) and X is a number between 1 & 8.

Alias <name>: <console command>

This console command helps you create user defined console commands, you can “program” a sequence of different console commands using this, the syntax is simple, you need to specify a name for the command followed by a colon (:), and then write the series of commands that you wish to be executed separated by semicolons (;). If used without parameters it displays all the existing aliases defined.

Bind <key> [down_command] [up_command]

Attachs any console command to a key where “key” is the letter, number or keyboard key to attach the command.


Clears all the contents of the console.

CD <Command> (Track No.)

The CD command is very similar to the original one from the Quake engine, the available parameters for ”Command” are:

  • ON: Toggles the CD player on.
  • OFF: Toggles the CD player off.
  • reset: Restarts the CD driver.
  • eject: Ejects the CD.
  • close: Closes the CD player.
  • play: Plays once the CD track indicated in the ”Track No.” parameter.
  • loop: Loops the CD track indicated in the ”Track No.” parameter.
  • pause: Pauses the current CD track being played.
  • resume: If paused, continues playing the CD track.
  • stop: Definitely stops playing the CD track.
  • info: Shows the current playing method and CD track being played.

ChangeClass (cheat) <name of the player class>

Changes the current player class to another one, please note that it only works for player classes (without mods, that’s only Hexen).


Enters the chat mode, you can type a message here and it will be displayed when you hit the ENTER key.


Displays a list of all the commands that the console has.

Connect <name of server>

It connects to the server specified in “name”, if you don’t know the server name, using the command alone displays a list of active Vavoom servers.


Makes a list of all the available cvars (console variables) that the game can handle.


If you are in a net game it disconnects from the current server, if you aren’t in a multiplayer game, it just ends the current game.

Exec <file_name>

Executes a console script file.

Gimme (cheat) <Item name>

Not to be confused with GIVE.

Gives the specified ”item name”.

  • Gimme parameters for Doom:
    • All: Gives you everything.
    • Weapons: Gives you all the weapons.
    • Ammo: Gives you all the ammo of every kind. * ”’Keys:”’ Gives you all the available keys.
    • Powers: Gives you all the power-ups.
    • Specific weapons:
      • Shotgun
      • Chaingun
      • Launcher
      • Plasma
      • BFG
      • Chainsaw
      • SuperShotgun
    • Specific items:
      • Backpack
      • Bullets
      • Shells
      • Rockets
      • Cells
      • BlueCard
      • BlueSkull
      • YellowCard
      • YellowSkull
      • RedCard
      • RedSkull
      • Invulnerability
      • Berserk
      • Invisibility
      • Suit
      • AllMap
      • LiteAmp
      • Health (Mega Sphere)
      • Health2 (Soul Sphere)
      • Armor (Green Armor)
      • Armor2 (Blue Armor)
  • Gimme parameters for Heretic:
    • Weapons
    • Power
    • Health
    • Keys
    • Artifacts
  • Gimme parameters for Hexen:
    • Weapons
    • Health
    • Keys
    • Artifacts
    • Puzzles
  • Gimme parameters for Strife:
    • Weapons
    • Ammo
    • Health
    • Keys
    • CommUnit

glVIS <WAD Name>

Builds the glVIS data inside the <name>.gwa file using the Vavoom internal GLVis plugin, you can specify a wad file different from the one actually being in use.

glBSP (WAD Name)

Builds the <name>.gwa file that contains the GLBSP data for it, you can specify a different wad file from the one acutally being used.

God (cheat)

Makes you invincible.


Hides the console.

Impulse <Number>

Internal command used to change weapons in all the games, or using artifacts in Heretic or Hexen. In some mods it’s also used for special actions.

KillAll (cheat)

Kills all the monsters in the map.

Load <slot number>

Loads the saved game stored in “slot number”.

Map <Map Number>

Warps you to the “map number” specified, the map number is the map name inside the WAD file you are using, this means that Doom/Heretic maps should be in ExMx format.


This command makes a list of the available maps based on the MAPINFO lump that the WAD file contains, this list comes with map number and name.


Shows the amount of the maximum number of players allowed to join the current server game.

Music <Command> (Lump Name)

Changes or stops the current music being played, the ”Command” parameter can be:

  • loop: Loops the music lump indicated in the ”Lump Name” parameter.
  • play: Plays the music lump indicated in the ”Lump Name” parameter.
  • stop: Stops the current music lump being played.
  • pause: Pauses the music lump being played.
  • resume: Unpauses the music if it’s paused.
  • playing: Shows the ”Lump Name” of the song being actually played.

Morph (cheat)

Morphs you into a chicken Heretic or a pig Hexen.

MyPos (cheat)

This command prints the coordinates where you are located on the map.


Displays the status of the network if playing a LAN or online game, this list includes the number of packets sent and received and some other information.

NoClip (cheat)

Let’s you walk inside the walls.

NoWeapons (cheat)

As the name suggest, takes all your weapons out.


Pauses the current game.

PlayDemo <demoname>

Plays the demo with the name specified.


Quits the game without “do you want to quit?” messages.

Record <demoname>

Records a demo with the name specified.


Restarts the current map.

Save <slot number>

Saves a game in the specified slot number.

Say <text>

Prints the “text” for every player into the game.


Saves a screenshot with a predefined name.

Script <number>

Executes the specified script ”number”.


Sets the menu of the game, like pressing the ESC key on the keyboard.

SetResolution <width> <height> [<bpp>]

Sets the resolution to the desired width, height and bits per pixel, bits per pixel are optional.


Drecreases the HUD size.


Increases the HUD size.


Prints a list with all the active servers running with name.


Shows status of kills, secrets and items for the current level.


Stops a demo if it’s being played.

TimeDemo <demoname>

Gets demo speeds.


This command makes a test of how fast your computer can refresh the game and gives the result.

ToggleAlwaysRun <0 | 1>

If set to 1, it toggles AlwaysRun ON, if set to 0 it toggles it OFF.


Toggles the console.

Unbind <key>

Unbinds the desired key from its attached command.


It unbinds all the bound keys.

Note: Once you have unbound the keys, there’s no way to recover the old bindings. Use with care!


Displays the Vavoom version number and when it was compiled.


Restarts the renderer.

Wait <number>

Useful only if used for making aliases, ”number” specifies the number of frames to wait until the next command in the sequence of the alias is executed.