Console Commands

AddBot <bot name> ==

Adds the bot specified by name, for Doom and Heretic bot names are ”’BotX”’ where ”X” is a number between ””’1 & 30””’, for Hexen the bot name also implies a class name like ”’BotYX”’ where ”Y” is the class name ”’F”’ for Fighter, ”’C”’ for Cleric, ”’M”’ for Mage and ”X” is a number between ””’1 & 8””’.

Alias <name>: <console command> ==

This console command helps you create ”user defined” console commands, you can “program” a ”’sequence”’ of different ”console commands” using this, the syntax is simple, you need to specify a ”name” for the command followed by a ””’colon” (:)”’, and then write the series of commands that you wish to be executed separated by ””’semi colons” (;)”’, if used without parameters it displays all the existing aliases defined.

Bind <key> [down_command] [up_command] ==

Attachs any console command to a key where “key” is the letter, number or keyboard key to attach the command.

Cls ==

Clears all the contents of the console.

CD <Command> (Track No.) ==

The CD command is very similar to the original one from the Quake engine, the available parameters for ”Command” are:

* ”’ON:”’ Toggles the CD player on.
* ”’OFF:”’ Toggles the CD player off.
* ”’reset:”’ Restarts the CD driver.
* ”’eject:”’ Ejects the CD.
* ”’close:”’ Closes the CD player.
* ”’play:”’ Plays once the CD track indicated in the ”Track No.” parameter. * ”’loop:”’ Loops the CD track indicated in the ”Track No.” parameter.
* ”’pause:”’ Pauses the current CD track being played.
* ”’resume:”’ If paused, continues playing the CD track.
* ”’stop:”’ Definitely stops playing the CD track.
* ”’info:”’ Shows the current playing method and CD track being played.

ChangeClass (cheat) <name of the player class> ==

Changes the current player class to another one, please note that it only works for player classes.

ChatMode ==

Enters the chat mode, you can type a message here and it will be displayed when you hit the ENTER key.

CmdList ==

Displays a list of all the commands that the console has.

Connect <name of server> ==

It connects to the server specified in “name”, if you don’t know the server name, using the command alone displays a list of active Vavoom servers.

CvarList ==

Makes a list of all the available cvars (console variables) that the game can handle.

Disconnect ==

If you are in a net game it disconnects from the current server, if you aren’t in a multiplayer game, it just ends the current game.

Exec <file_name> ==

Executes a console script file.

Gimme (cheat) <Item name> == ””’Not””’ to be confused with ”’GIVE”’.

Gives the specified ”item name”. The available items are listed here: * Gimme parameters for [[Doom]]:

* ”’All:”’ Gives you everything.
* ”’Weapons:”’ Gives you all the weapons.
* ”’Ammo:”’ Gives you all the ammo of every kind. * ”’Keys:”’ Gives you all the available keys.
* ”’Powers:”’ Gives you all the power-ups.
* ”’Specific weapons:”’

* Shotgun
* Chaingun
* Launcher
* Plasma
* Chainsaw
* SuperShotgun

* ”’Specific items:”’ * Backpack

* Bullets * Shells
* Rockets * Cells

* BlueCard
* BlueSkull
* YellowCard
* YellowSkull
* RedCard
* RedSkull
* Invulnerability
* Bersek
* Invisibility
* Suit
* AllMap
* LiteAmp
* Health (Mega Sphere) * Health2 (Sould Sphere) * Armor (Green Armor)
* Armor2 (Blue Armor)

* Gimme parameters for [[Heretic]]:

* ”’Weapons”’ * ”’Power”’
* ”’Health”’
* ”’Keys”’


Gimme parameters for Hexen:


* ”’Keys”’
* ”’Artifacts”’ * ”’Puzzles”

Gimme parameters for [[Strife]]:

* ”’Weapons”’ * ”’Ammo”’
* ”’Health”’
* ”’Keys”’

* ”’CommUnit”’

glVIS <WAD Name> ==

Builds the glVIS data inside the <name>.gwa file using the Vavoom internal GLVis plugin, you can specify a wad file different from the one actually being in use.

glBSP (WAD Name) ==

Builds the <name>.gwa file that contains the GLBSP data for it, you can specify a different wad file from the one acutally being used.

God (cheat) ==

Makes you invincible.

HideConsole ==

Hides the console.

Impulse <Number> ==

Internal command used to change weapons in all the games, or using artifacts in [[Heretic]] or [[Hexen]]. In some mods it’s also used for special actions.

KillAll (cheat) ==

Kills all the monsters in the map.

Load <slot number> ==

Loads the saved game stored in “slot number”.

Map <Map Number> ==

Warps you to the “map number” specified, the map number is the map name inside the WAD file you are using, this means that [[Doom]]/[[Heretic]] maps should be in EXMX format.

MapList ==

This command makes a list of the available maps based on the MAPINFO lump that the WAD file contains, this list comes with map number and name.

MaxPlayers ==

Shows the amount of the maximum number of players allowed to join the current server game.

Music <Command> (Lump Name) ==

Changes or stops the current music being played, the ”Command” parameter can be:

* ”’loop:”’ Loops the music lump indicated in the ”Lump Name” parameter. * ”’play:”’ Plays the music lump indicated in the ”Lump Name” parameter. * ”’stop:”’ Stops the current music lump being played.
* ”’pause:”’ Pauses the music lump being played.

* ”’resume:”’ Unpauses the music if it’s paused.
* ”’playing:”’ Shows the ”Lump Name” of the song being actually played.

Morph (cheat) ==

Morphs you into a chicken [[Heretic]] or a pig [[Hexen]].

MyPos (cheat) ==

This command prints the coordinates where you are located on the map.

NetStats ==

Displays the status of the network if playing a LAN or online game, this list includes the number of packets sent and received and some other information.

NoClip (cheat) ==

Let’s you walk inside the walls.

NoWeapons (cheat) ==

As the name suggest, takes all your weapons out.

Pause ==

Pauses the current game.

PlayDemo <demoname> ==

Plays the demo with the name specified.

Quit ==

Quits the game without “do you want to quit?” messages.

Record <demoname> ==

Records a demo with the name specified.

Restart ==

Restarts the current map.

Save <slot number> ==

Saves a game in the specified slot number.

Say <text> ==

Prints the “text” for every player into the game.

Screenshot ==

Saves a screenshot with a predefined name.

Script ==

Executes the specified script ”number”.

SetMenu ==

Sets the menu of the game, like pressing the ESC key on the keyboard.

SetResolution <width> <height> [<bpp>] ==

Sets the resolution to the desired width, height and bits per pixel, bits per pixel are optional.

SizeDown ==

Drecreases the HUD size.

SizeUp ==

Increases the HUD size.

Slist ==

Prints a list with all the active servers running with name.

Stats ==

Shows status of kills, secrets and items for the current level.

StopDemo ==

Stops a demo if it’s being played.

TimeDemo <demoname> ==

Gets demo speeds.

TimeRefresh ==

This command makes a test of how fast your computer can refresh the game and gives the result.

ToggleAlwaysRun <0, 1> ==

If set to ””’1””’, it toggles AlwaysRun ”’ON”’, if set to ””’0””’ it toggles it ”’OFF”’.

ToggleConsole ==

Toggles the console.

Unbind <key> ==

Unbinds the desired key from its attached command.

UnbindAll ==

It unbinds all the bound keys.
”’Note:”’ Once you have unbound the keys, there’s no way to recover the old bindings ”’use with care!”’

Version ==

Displays the Vavoom version number and when it was compiled.

vid_restart ==

Restarts the renderer.

Wait <number> ==

Useful only if used for making aliases, ”number” specifies the ”’number of frames”’ to wait until the next command in the sequence of the alias is executed.