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Mon, 12 Oct 2009 20:07:21

Crimson Wizard

I was making a mod for Strife as an experiment and also willing to try something fresh. At first my intention was only to test couple of ideas that could come handy in other projects too, but then I found myself rather inspired, making what could be a basis of fully functional TC. I did not invent a proper title yet, so I call it just StrifeMOD Unfortunately, at this moment I don't know how it will go futher, because I don't have enough time, and I have other interesting things to do as well. So I decided to release a small demo version public. You might consider this a humble demonstration of what you can do with Vavoom. I was primarily focused on coding when doing this mod, and decided that maps should be simple but functional; thus usage of 3d mapping features is scarce and has rather utility function. I considered not decorate map with 3dfloors too much and use them only where necessary to achieve solely architectural purposes. Download link: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ...</a><!-- m --> The package has Vavoom.exe and "basepak" folder as well, because I used latest SVN revision for the mod. Please, do not use this mod with older Vavoom versions, even 1.30, because some things won't work properly. A Strife.wad is required, ofc. Voices.wad is not required, I guess. My main changes to the game, except for redesigned enemies ofcourse, are: 1. Enhanced alarming system with possibilities to a) spread alarm to distant parts of level using "alarm teleporting" methods; b) disable alarm, also telling monsters that target is gone and they may return to idle state; c) execute some action(s) both when alarm is triggered and when it is disabled. 2. Factions. Each actor belongs to a faction. Factions have relations, which may be Allied Friendly, Neutral, Unfriendly and Hostile. Faction relations determine how actors react on each other's actions. For example, Unfriendly will ignore you while you just pass by, but attack you if you shoot. Hostile enemies will attack you on sight. I added new thing flag that overrides normal behavior and makes actor Hostile initially. According to my plans, player's faction will change after completion of certian quests, thus will change reaction of many characters in game. I haven't got to that point yet anyway, so it is onlya theoretical possibility. 3. My own conversations system. I have no idea how to hack original Strife dialogs, besides I wanted this mod have more flexible system, so I implemented my own. It allows to write dialog scripts in separate text files, which are used by game if put into corresponding data package. This makes it very easy to create and edit dialogs. Dialog scripts support some useful functions to change the level, like calling map scripts, messing with actor/player inventory or making your interlocutor attack you. It also allows usage of variables that come really handy when creating quests. Current mod has only 4 maps; they are unfinished, but yet playable to certain extent. There's a bunch of characters to speak with, some people to fight with (optionally), and even couple of secrets. map01 - Underground River - it is where you start. No enemies, 1 NPC. map02 - Riverside District - a town map, 1 NPC and squads of acolytes. map03 - Riverside Cellars - a "lower level" of the town map. Several NPCs in the tavern rooms, plus some secret rooms here. map30 - The Ghost Creek - normally you can get here if you take a quest to help smugllers. You may (optionally) fight versus acolytes here to save smugglers from imprisonment. Some hints: - When in town (only in town), try not to approach Bright Red Acolytes before you get registration card (you may find one just lying on the ground, it was made for test purposes). These are City Patrol and they will demand ID, which you don't have. You may imagine the consequences yourself. - When in Riverside Cellars be prepared to meet something unusual... you will know when you see it <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) --> - There are ways to screw quests up, so save often and try different dialog options. Screenshots: 1. A boatman and his boat. [img:e28b180z][/img:e28b180z] 2. Centre of the city is heavily guarded. [img:e28b180z][/img:e28b180z] 3. Why this always happen when you DON'T have a registration card?! [img:e28b180z][/img:e28b180z] 4. A mysterious character... [img:e28b180z][/img:e28b180z] 5. It's up to you, accept or decline... [img:e28b180z][/img:e28b180z] 6. Travel to different locations on the boat. You'll have to pay boatman though. [img:e28b180z][/img:e28b180z] 7. Smugglers' hideout. [img:e28b180z][/img:e28b180z]

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