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Questions on Networking (Confusing Information)

Wed, 16 Jan 2008 12:25:49


Alot of the information in the Vavoom.txt document that came with 1.25 is confusing, no where did it meantion Vavm95SV.exe was the dedicated server executable, console commands dont seem to refference WHICH executable utilizes them, parameter explanations are confusing as well, doesnt say what used them. But for the most part, I got it figured out after alot of confusion, which is probably just my fault, and not having used Vavoom before. [color=yellow:2onvtsl2][The Problem Below][/color:2onvtsl2] [color=yellow:2onvtsl2]GAME: [/color:2onvtsl2][color=grey:2onvtsl2]He[/color:2onvtsl2][color=red:2onvtsl2]X[/color:2onvtsl2][color=grey:2onvtsl2]en[/color:2onvtsl2] Any how, I'm trying to play a network game with a buddy of mine in another state (I'm from the US), and through the in-game multiplayer we could not get anything to work, nothing would connect, we both tried to host. Now, on the launcher we noticed the Networking tab, what is this? It seems to do nothing for us. So after playing around a bit I set up a dedicated server, I was able to connect to it (success!), but I am not able to change it to co-op with monsters? I used NoMonster 0 and Deathmatch 0 in the dedicated server command prompt (console), but the game doesnt initialize the server again to start it off with those, so I tried map changes, still no co-op play. So, I looked around and I decided to make a server.cfg file with NoMonsters 0 and Deathmatch 0 on seperate lines, then added the +exec server.cfg into a shortcut of the server, placed the server.cfg into the hexen fold, and it STILL initializes the server to Deathmatch 2, NoMonsters 1. Something during the process of "Spawning Server..." is reverting the settings, I even double checked by having the script echo the values before and afterwards. Any help with this? To sum it up in a concise explanation, I'll say this: In-game multiplayer does not seem to work at all, the only option is to create a dedicated server and then join. Dedicated server will only allow for DeathMatch games, and no co-op. Just to refresh your memory, this is HeXen.

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