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(Hexen) Separate "Gimme weapons" and "Gimme Armor" cheats

Tue, 25 May 2010 21:47:23


Hi I would be happy if "Gimme Weapons" cheat didn't give armor (AC in hexen). For that there can be a separate cheat "Gimme Armor". I'm using cheats to speed up playtesting balance changes in my mod. I often warp to specific levels known for potentially nasty combination of monsters I changed. The cheat "gimme weapons" gives too much, not just weapons and mana, but also armor. Armor has significantly distorts perceived difficulty - a mage with 12 AC can take about twice the damage. To start a later level with weapons but no armor (hexen players are quite often out of armor) I have to do silly things like stand in lava. Then I have to heal myself a couple of times until my AC is gone.

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