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Puttin' gloom back in doom!

Mon, 28 Jan 2002 23:08:22


r_fog what a fun cvar I was messing with this and I managed to get the light levels to a level that is much more well doomish without turning out the darken lights option which I was never to crazy about...<br><br>Basically try this out....<br>r_fog 1<br>r_fog_b 0<br>r_fog_r 0<br>r_fog_g 0<br>r_fog_density .75<br><br>it sets the fog on the color to black and makes it a little more dense then the default.<br><br>Here's the problem whenever you load a new level r_fog reverts back to 0 so you gotta manually set it back on whenever you start a new map.<br><br>Basically can it be set so fog values are carried over between maps?<br><br>Secondly how about a set of sliders in the graphical options menu and a toggle to allow the user to control the fog and activate it?

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