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Hmmm, so why can't I run Strife?

Mon, 26 Mar 2012 00:19:22


I used to be able to run Strife with Vavoom. I'm using 32-bit Windows XP. I have Strife v1.2, with both strife1.wad and voices.wad in the vavoom folder. No matter what I do (specifying -vavoom, or just running it with no other game's wad files present) it says
Required file ./strife1.wad does not exist
All other games work fine. I last used Vavoom 1.15.2 to play it, and just tried v1.33 and 1.32 with no luck. Any ideas? Weird... just figured it out, though it makes no sense... somehow the file dates in my Strife folder got set to 2/7/2106 and vavoom doesn't like that. I found other copies of the same exact files (except for file date) and now vavoom says "Oh, hey, awesome! Let's play!

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