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problem starting

Thu, 08 Sep 2005 04:30:49


Just extracted the windows binaries do C:\vavoom, put some WADs in it, and ran the launcher. I choose D3D, and choose Strife (one of the ones I extracted in - both the strife and voice wads) Game starts to load, then throws the following error:
ChangeResolution: Faled to set default resolution Stack trace: ChangeResolution <- CheckResolutionChange <- SCR_Update <- Host_Frame
I'm on a laptop with winXP pro, no gameport (saw that in another post, MIGHT be connected) SB Live external, ATI "radeon" (hardly) IGP. Maximum screen resolution I can set is 1024x768 32bit 60hz Software mode dies with this:
V_Update: Failed to lock screen Stack Trace: VSoftwareDrawer::Update <- SCR_Update <- Host_Frame
OpenGL mode seems to run. (it wasn't a few minutes ago) Er, WTF? And the documentation seems a little lacking. What are _all_ of the command line parameters? What settings are stored where?
Thu, 08 Sep 2005 13:52:08


The settings are stored inside the "basev" subdirectory in the same folder Vavoom is placed, there are different game subdirs there, look for the strife subfolder and there should be a config.cfg file, try setting the resolution to something different that what it has and see if it works. EDIT: You can find the command line arguments in the Vavoom wiki here.
Fri, 09 Sep 2005 17:27:38

Janis Legzdinsh

ChangeResolution: Faled to set default resolution
The default resolution is 640x480, 16-bit. Try to edit config file and change resolution to current desktop's resolution.
V_Update: Failed to lock screen
Hmmm, something's wrong with DirectDraw. Try to change resolution. Also run dxdiag to see if DirectDraw works properly.

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