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Enhanced Game Files on CD

Thu, 31 Jan 2008 20:48:31


I am wondering if someone living within the United States could provide me with all the enhanced files (sprites, soundtracks, etc. for all games) currently available for Vavoom on CD-R media. I rely on dial-up access and the downloads are too large to be practical for my situation. I will pay for the discs, plus shipping costs. Anyone willing to provide this service should be able to contact me by PM. The only commercial service that can provide custom CD writing, as far as I know, is located in France. I think Vavoom's user-base would be significantly expanded if official copies of the enhanced files on CD were made available directly from the Vavoom website. -------------------------------------------------- Compaq Deskpro EN, Pentium III 933 MHz, 256 MB RAM, Nvidia Riva TNT2 AGP Card, Canon BJC-610 Printer, Best Data 56SX92 External Serial Modem, Mandriva 2007.0, kernel 2.6.17-5mdv, KDE 3.5.4, Vavoom 1.24 --------------------------------------------------

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