Version 1.24

Vavoom turns 7 years old today, and to celebrate this I’ve put together a new release with number 1.24. It brings multiple enhancements to the VavoomC scripting language, adds support for sprites with 16 rotations, has internal blockmap builder, adds support for compressed GL-nodes and several other improvements and bug fixes.

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Version 1.23

Version 1.23 of Vavoom has been releases today. It’s been quite some time since last release, but finally it’s here. Changes in this release:

  • Implemented support for model definition files. It uses XML format, but it’s quite simple.
  • Finally added back dehacked support to the engine.
  • Implemented support for TARRAIN script.
  • Implemented support for LOADACS script.
  • Rewrote the whole game network protocol. it’s now more advanced and makes it easier to write network game code.
  • Fixed wrong wad markers for high-resolution textures.
  • Implemented switching of the game language.
  • Added some new features to the VavoomC language such as restricted class types, access of default values of an object or class, C# style properties.
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements.

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Version 1.22.1

Version 1.22.1 has been released. This is mainly a bug-fixing release. New features in this release are support for JPEG format textures, support for HI_START/HI_END and HIRESTEX script defined high resolution textures, proper support for enhanced music and skybox replacements of normal skies and support for custom episode definitions.

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Version 1.22

Version 1.22 has been released. This version adds support for PK3 files, including as a replacement for WAD files, support for more features of MAPINFO, ANIMDEFS and SNDSEQ scripts. The VavoomC compiler has been mostly rewritten that allowed me to add some optimisations to the code. And of course many other small fixes and improvements.

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Version 1.21.2

A new version of Vavoom has been released. This version fixes problem with latest version of glBSP plus some other bug fixes.

Also an updated version of glVIS is available.

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Version 1.21

Version 1.21 has been released. Most of the work has been done to make it work on 64 bit systems (tested on AMD64 with Gentoo). Other than that there have been a lots of improvements in internal architecture, improvements to gameplay and fixed multiple bugs.

P.S. Congratulations to all fans of Italy, they played really good.

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Version 1.20

Version 1.20 has been released. There have been a lots of changes in internal workings of the engine and progs, probably the most notable is support for modular progs.

On Unix systems savegames and config files now are stored in home directory. This should simplify the instalation.

This version also has been tested and known to work on FreeBSD, Solaris 10 (x86 version), BeOS and Darwin (PowerPC version, which means it should work on MaxOS X).

And of course there have been other fixes and improvements, most notably in Strife.

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