Version 1.666 BETA 1

Released version 1.666 BETA 1. As you probably know I have new rendering engine. It allows a lots of new features. In this version you already have: wider look range, tilted death view, skyboxes, zooming. It also haves no problems with slopes, but they require physics sou they will be available only in version 1.7. It also allows some lighting effects. Since this version Vavoom needs “GL-Friendly Nodes” created with glBSP and PVS (Potentially Visible Set) data created with glvis at least in fast mode.

Something strange is going on with my mail server. I can normaly receive messages, but when I try to send a message, it says, that there were an error. So I can’t reply to some messages and send info about this new version to and

New rendering engine

I have some great progress with new rendering engine in upcomming version 1.666. You can see it in these shots: