Ouch! It’s time for me to start to wonder what’s going on? It seems that in a place of version 1.5 BETA files I uploaded version 1.4 BETA files. I hope that final version files realy are them. I also found a bug that caused big endian systems to ignore all connection messages. A bug fix is uploaded. Simply place the fixed file in directory source and recompile.

Version 1.5

Well, here’s version 1.5. I didn’t have much time, but something is done. You can compile a dedicated server application, multiplayer menus also is done. Dedicated server mode is not done and, when you have dedicated server application, it’s not very usefull. I think, that LINUX dedicated server can be compiled on other UNIX systems. Let  me know how it works.

Version 1.5 BETA

Added latvian version of the site and released version 1.5 BETA (it’s in downloads page). First – fixed a bug, that caused delays between input and actual action if framerate was bigger than 35 FPS. Also tried to fix problems with sound in Windows version. Is it fixed – I don’t know (my sound card always worked). Also improoved documentation. But the biggest change is replacing fixed point with floating point. There are some things left to do for final version such as dedicated server mode, server only application and multiplayer menus.

I’m back!

Finally I’m home from hospital, where I spent 2 weeks. That’s why I couldn’t respond my mail and update website. Also release of the next version will be some weeks later. I think that in next week I will release a beta version.