Version 1.7 BETA 3

Here’s version 1.7 BETA 3 and there will be some more betas. In this version in Doom and Heretic I switched to Hexen-like line defs. I tried to do this in a ZDoom compatible way so Doom wad files converted with zwadconv runs in Vavoom. Also new demo levels for Doom and Heretic. WadAuthor config files and ACS script include files are included with demo levels. For next beta I will put attention on optimizing rendering to make it a little bit faster.

Version 1.7 BETA 2

Vavoom version 1.7 BETA 2 is out! As you probably know, this version haves 3D floors and deep water effect. Hexen demo also includes WadAuthor config file. With Doom and Heretic there’s a little problem – slopes requires map in Hexen format but in current version it uses old line specials. In next beta I will switch to Hexen-like line specials and then there will be config files for Doom and Heretic.

3D floors working

A little precision – DeHackEd support was removed only from engine. As previously you still can convert DeHackEd patches into progs.

Great news – I have completed work on 3D floors and deep water effect. This together with slopes looks realy cool. A new beta will be released very soon.