Version 1.23

Version 1.23 of Vavoom has been releases today. It’s been quite some time since last release, but finally it’s here. Changes in this release:

  • Implemented support for model definition files. It uses XML format, but it’s quite simple.
  • Finally added back dehacked support to the engine.
  • Implemented support for TARRAIN script.
  • Implemented support for LOADACS script.
  • Rewrote the whole game network protocol. it’s now more advanced and makes it easier to write network game code.
  • Fixed wrong wad markers for high-resolution textures.
  • Implemented switching of the game language.
  • Added some new features to the VavoomC language such as restricted class types, access of default values of an object or class, C# style properties.
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements.

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