Version 1.4

It’s been a year since I started to work with Doom sources and a new version 1.4 is out, you can get it at downloads page. In-game joining is now done, also fixed some other bugs.

Actualy I didn’t thought, that after a year I will have something like this. That I will create not just another source port, whitch haves features, that are in almolst all other ports. That I will add 3 big features, that are not in any other source port. And the features are realy big. The first one is Doom, Doom2, Heretic and Hexen support. After adding second feature it was a lots easier to make it. And this second feature is progs, inspired by the Quake’s progs. I created Vavoom C programming language and a compiler. Almolst all game specific code is moved to the progs. And finaly the third feature – a pure client/server architecture. Interesting, what I will have next year.

Version 1.4 BETA

Version 1.4 BETA is available at downloads page. In short there is only one, but big change – it’s pure client/server architecture. Is it better that csDoom? Whell, I hope so, because csDoom is not a pure client/server, but a very mystic peer-to-peer and client/server mutation. So check out this BETA version and send me all bugs that You find. I hope that version 1.4 will be released in next week.