Version 1.666 BETA 2

Released version 1.666 BETA 2. A lots of fixes and improvements. I found what slows it down and now it’s a lots faster. But the main is that now it also has OpenGL support. It’s selectable from command line with parameter -opengl. In Windows version everything works. I also created driver for LINUX, but it’s not tested and by default LINUX version compiles without OpenGL support.

Version 1.666 BETA 1

Released version 1.666 BETA 1. As you probably know I have new rendering engine. It allows a lots of new features. In this version you already have: wider look range, tilted death view, skyboxes, zooming. It also haves no problems with slopes, but they require physics sou they will be available only in version 1.7. It also allows some lighting effects. Since this version Vavoom needs “GL-Friendly Nodes” created with glBSP and PVS (Potentially Visible Set) data created with glvis at least in fast mode.

Something strange is going on with my mail server. I can normaly receive messages, but when I try to send a message, it says, that there were an error. So I can’t reply to some messages and send info about this new version to and

Version 1.5.1

Version 1.5.1 is just released. It’s just a small update. First mewse tried to compile dedicated server on FreeBSD. There were some problems with header files and assembler that were quickly fixed. Now you should compile dedicaded server on FreeBSD without problems. Also in Windows version I changed video update system and now it runs a little bit faster. There were a strange problem with TCP/IP driver in Windows version, that hanged up computer. But after changing video update system this problem dissapeared (Windows API is realy strange). New binaries and sources are available at downloads page. Game data didn’t chage (if you have it, you don’t need to donload it again).
Also there’s a new logo on news page by James (I sent a reply but it came back with error).


Ouch! It’s time for me to start to wonder what’s going on? It seems that in a place of version 1.5 BETA files I uploaded version 1.4 BETA files. I hope that final version files realy are them. I also found a bug that caused big endian systems to ignore all connection messages. A bug fix is uploaded. Simply place the fixed file in directory source and recompile.

Version 1.5

Well, here’s version 1.5. I didn’t have much time, but something is done. You can compile a dedicated server application, multiplayer menus also is done. Dedicated server mode is not done and, when you have dedicated server application, it’s not very usefull. I think, that LINUX dedicated server can be compiled on other UNIX systems. Let  me know how it works.

Version 1.5 BETA

Added latvian version of the site and released version 1.5 BETA (it’s in downloads page). First – fixed a bug, that caused delays between input and actual action if framerate was bigger than 35 FPS. Also tried to fix problems with sound in Windows version. Is it fixed – I don’t know (my sound card always worked). Also improoved documentation. But the biggest change is replacing fixed point with floating point. There are some things left to do for final version such as dedicated server mode, server only application and multiplayer menus.