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Thu, 17 Apr 2008 01:39:57


Hello, New to this product and just a quick question, once I copy the full retail purchased wad file from say hexen how do I get vavoom to use it with out error? here is what I've done so far. Under FC 8 (i386) I downloaded and installed the hexen-demo It runs fine but on some resolutions it exceeds the monitor scan rate, a post for another time The message to run a retail version you must point vavoom to a Iwad folder Using the cmd line for execution, I cd's to the folder then vavoom -hexen -iwaddir hexen it thinks for a second and exits with this: # vavoom -hexen -iwaddir hexen Adding /usr/share/vavoom/basev/common/basepak.pk3 adding hexen/hexen.wad adding /root/.vavoom/hexen.gwa Adding /usr/share/vavoom/basev/hexen/basepak.pk3 Doing C_Shutdown Doing CL_Shutdown Doing SV_Shutdown Doing V_Shutdown Doing T_Shutdown Doing Sys_Shutdown Doing delete GSoundManager Doing R_ShutdownTexture Doing VCommand::Shutdown Doing VCvar::Shutdown Doing ShutdownMapInfo Doing FL_Shutdown Doing W_Shutdown Doing GLanguage.FreeData Doing VObject::StaticExit Doing VName::StaticExit Doing Z_Shutdown W_GetNumForName: pnames not found! So I can't find any documentation on troubleshooting so haven't a clue. suggestions? thanks
Thu, 17 Apr 2008 16:36:17

Janis Legzdinsh

It looks like your hexen.wad is broken.

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