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[SVN 4040] Parsing long string in script causes bad memory?

Sun, 02 Aug 2009 18:34:46

Crimson Wizard

I am not quite sure, but I met this strange behavior when was testing my conversation parser. If there's a long quoted string in parsed script, like around 200 symbols, unexpected things begin to happen, like crashes. I was trying to trace them but errors make no sense. Then I knew that if I shorten string a little crashes do not happen. First I thought there's something wrong in my progs, so I made a string variable always take some short constant value instead of getting read String from ScriptParser object. But that didn't help. This gave me an idea that something bad happens when ExpectString is called and that long string is being read. Although I cannot guess what can be wrong there (if it is the cause). EDIT: I made parser read several shorter strings and concatenate them in one, and crashes happen no more. So problem is actually somewhere in GetString method of ScriptParser.

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