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[Fixed][1.27.1] Hexen, problem in Secret Level, Episode 1.

Fri, 02 May 2008 19:16:35


I get a segmentation violation error on Bright Crucible. (The secret level, Episode 1.) It usually happens shortly after I teleport to the level. When I arrive, if move off to the right side, or left side, and start fighting the Afrits, I will get the segmentation violation. It seems like sometimes it coincides with grabbing some mana or a crystal vial.
Log: Loading "Bright Crucible"
Log: PLAYER left the game

Dev: Spawning server map02
Log: GB: Map goes from (-3768,-3456) to (2496,3904)

Log: GB: Creating Segs...

Log: ---------------------------------------
Dev: 416 subdivides
Dev: 2833 seg subdivides
Dev: 15k light mem
Dev: Client level loaded
Dev: Spawning server map06
Log: GB: Map goes from (-2624,-3392) to (2944,1728)

Log: GB: Creating Segs...

Dev: Server spawned
Log: ---------------------------------------
Dev: 311 subdivides
Dev: 335 seg subdivides
Dev: 101k light mem
Dev: Client level loaded
- (engine.Entity.TryMove)
- VEntity::TryMove
- RunFunction
- (engine.Entity.TryMove 0)
- RunFunction
- (linespec.Actor.A_CStaffMissileSlither 133)
- VObject::ExecuteFunction
- (linespec.Actor.A_CStaffMissileSlither)
- VEntity::SetState
- VEntity::AdvanceState
- RunFunction
- (engine.Entity.AdvanceState 0)
- RunFunction
- (linespec.EntityEx.Tick 251)
- VObject::ExecuteFunction
- (linespec.EntityEx.Tick)
- VThinker::Tick
- RunThinkers
- P_Ticker
- SV_Ticker
- ServerFrame
- Host_Frame
Log: Doing C_Shutdown
Log: Doing CL_Shutdown
Log: PLAYER left the game

Log: Doing SV_Shutdown
Log: Doing delete GNet
Log: Doing delete GInput
Log: Doing V_Shutdown
Log: Doing delete GAudio
Log: Doing T_Shutdown
Log: Doing Sys_Shutdown
Log: Doing delete GSoundManager
Log: Doing R_ShutdownTexture
Log: Doing R_ShutdownData
Log: Doing VCommand::Shutdown
Log: Doing VCvar::Shutdown
Log: Doing ShutdownMapInfo
Log: Doing FL_Shutdown
Log: Doing W_Shutdown
Log: Doing GLanguage.FreeData
Log: Doing VObject::StaticExit
Log: Doing VName::StaticExit
Uninitialised: Doing Z_Shutdown

ERROR: Segmentation Violation
Z_Free after Z_Shutdown
Fri, 02 May 2008 20:51:47


With svn r.3591 I think it's fixed.
Sat, 12 Feb 2011 00:32:11


Yes, I recently player through the map without problems, so I consider it fixed now.

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