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[Works for me] I need help

Fri, 25 Apr 2003 11:12:38


I dont understand anything about programming at all.  I was just checking out a new doom port to play with and I went ahead and ran it getting this message (i dled the dos version)...<br><br>Exiting due to signal SIGILL<br>Invalid Opcode at eip=0001d082<br>eax=ffffffff ebx=001e65c0 ecx=ffffffff edx=001cc1a0 esi=001e6ca0 edi=00000000<br>ebp=0039639c esp=00396344 program=C:\VAVOOM\VAVOOM.EXE<br>cs: sel=00a7  base=84b35000  limit=0039ffff<br>ds: sel=00af  base=84b35000  limit=0039ffff<br>es: sel=00af  base=84b35000  limit=0039ffff<br>fs: sel=0087  base=00007200  limit=0000ffff<br>gs: sel=00c7  base=00000000  limit=0010ffff<br>ss: sel=00af  base=84b35000  limit=0039ffff<br>App stack: [003963b0..003163b0]  Exceptn stack: [00316304..003143c4]<br><br>Call frame traceback EIPs:<br>  0x0001d082<br>  0x00194f01<br><br>what is this about?
Mon, 28 Apr 2003 17:27:14

Janis Legzdinsh

Strange. To make sure it's actually running, try to move away main wad file and run vavoom, it should abort with error message "Game mode indeterminate". If it's OK, move back wad file and try to remove sound, network, etc, untill it's working.

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